Who Am I!?! What is Disco Pony?

Who am I?!

My name is Zoey Bittleston. I am the 26 year old British designer behind the newbie brand Disco Pony. I started Disco Pony about one year ago in 2011. The concept started from Barcelona, where I moved to after graduating my degree in Fine Art and Art History at Goldsmiths, London.
I wanted to continue being an artist, but after living for many years in London's notoriously "cool" East End, I was bitten in a big way by the world of fashion. I needed a place to put the two things together.
 In the summer of 2011, I moved to Hong Kong where I soon established a relationship with a tailor and began sourcing fabrics. I travelled between Hong Kong and China on a regular basis working closely with a small workshop who hand made my designs. I spent months sourcing the most exquisite fabrics- picking everything by hand and experimenting with what fabrics worked best with my designs.
Everything was completely new to me... learning about factories, about the realities of fast fashion, about China and seeing where it all really happens, and trying to work in the best way I could against this insanely unethical approach to fashion.

Disco Pony has always made each piece by hand, and worked incredibly closely with my amazing customers to make sure they were getting exactly what they were hoping for.
I run Disco Pony on my own and have no employees or interns at the moment. I always love to hear form potential interns, and am loving the emails you send to me! So please do't let this stop you... I just am yet to be running at the speed I would like!
But once I am...

Disco Pony has had some major ups and down's in staying alive, mainly due to it being a solo show. Wherever I go, Disco Pony goes...and sometimes life is one giant roller coaster.
I've never been a girl to do things the normal way... so Disco Pony was born into a mad life of travelling the world and living life to its most extremes!
Last month Disco Pony picked up and made the move from the far East to the far West to the bright lights of New York City... where I am yet to establish things, but works are in progress!

From birth, Disco Pony has had the privilege of working with the incredible model and blogger Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty. She has brought Disco Pony to life and helped make the transition from Hong Kong to New York a smooth and exciting one!

At the moment, trying to work from NYC with my tiny workshop over ten thousand miles away in the far East is proving tricky... but I am determined to make it work. Funding is always an issue with start up companies, and this too causes things to run slowly at times.
Projects are on the back-burner for the time being... the launch of the website has been halted yet again... However, everything I have done, and all the work my amazing photographer, model, and stylist put into the shoot over here in NYC is not in vain- I like to see it as a platform from which Disco will be building on top of when things finally come to light.

What is Disco Pony and why can't I find an official website yet?

Disco Pony is a new clothing brand for vibrant city girls and women alike. Established in 2011 in Hong Kong- and now gearing up to set up from New York, Disco Pony hopes to remain a boutique like brand dedicated to ethical creation, turning away from fast fashion, but not disregarding the exciting pace and changes constantly occurring in fashion.

Disco Pony is run by myself (Zoey Bittleston), and is by no means a large company with large profits or mass production. Each piece is hand made individually to order, and uses the finest hand picked fabrics.
I work closely with one tailor and a small workshop-
I love to work with pattern, print and bright colors...mainly using brocade silks, sequins and crepes.
Disco Pony often has to close due to it being a one woman show- and appreciates the loyalty of its beautiful Disco Ponies aka my customers!

I always try my best to accomodate any requests, but at this time in particular may have to turn down requests and orders due to lack of funding, resources and distance from my tailor at this moment in time.

I am working hard to get Disco Pony up and running in an official way as soon as possible!

The website is on hold for these exact reasons... I have no way of creating the pieces at this precise moment, but I am working on this as I type! Thank you for all your patience and continued interest in Disco Pony.