Thursday, 27 January 2011


Black Feather Fedora by Zara, Beige Silk Shirt by Zara, Leather Zip Jacket by Berskha, Wooly Biast Cut Cardi (Gift), Black Jeans by H&M, Black Chelsea Boots by H&M, Grey Socks (Albert's) Brown Satchel by Blanco.
This look made Editors Pick on Chictopia!

This has to be one of my favorite outfits for winter, and is probably the last time I can indulge wholeheartedly in black before the SS surge/invasion of white! Layering is pretty much the only saving grace for style when it gets cold, as are hats... Plus, it's by far the easiest thing to do... I decided today I would grin and bear the pain of my black Chelsea boots, and I was most surprised, for they hurt me not! (Well... they could do with a bit more soul-age on the front... but we can't win them all!!!)  Hope you have all had a good Wednesday! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


prostokate said...

Nice look and you lucky, cause we have now -12degree...brrrr

shoes are lux :)def yr style!!

The Luxe Standard said...

The black ensemble with a touch of color is such a great look. I especially love the hat. Layering is definitely essential during this time of year. Although restricting, I love a heavily layered look. I hate when the summer rolls around and I can no longer do this!

Cara said...

What a perfect winter outfit, I agree! I have such a hard time getting motivated to think about fashion when it's freezing, but you nailed a chilly look!
xo Cara