Saturday, 15 January 2011

Summer anyone?

Thank god Barcelona seems to think it's nearly summer... I'm waaay over my winter wardrobe already... Pale just does not suit me! ... How much do you wanna bet I start moaning about not being able to wear my winter knits and leathers as soon as we are 1 month into a heat wave!?!


Bethany said...

Gahh I'm so jealous. This picture looks amazing. I can't wait to be in the pool again!

Make Shift Model said...

aww Bethany thanks! It's not now though! I'm just dreaming!!! Maybe in a couple of months, as this was in fact taken in Feb last year! :) x

Dahl said...

Ugh i wish it were summer here! The New England weather just dumped a blizzard full of snow on us. haha I wouldn't be surprised if you started wishing for winter! That happens to me all the time. Brings to memory that song "When it's cold, he want's it hot. When it's hot he wants it cold. Always wanting what is not"