Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Stud Muffin!

Studded Hook Fasten Top, Disco Pony- Reworked, Sheer Black Skirt, Disco Pony, Black Feather Fedora, ZARA, Grey Furry Jacket, ZARA

Hey hey heeeey'all! Here is the last of the in-house shots from the week o'rain! Possibly the most cliche bloggers jacket ever made, but I actually picked it up for the wee price of 15 euros in the Zara sale last week! For that, gimmie some good old fashioned cliche, and I will take it!!! The suns back, just in time for the arrival of the gorrrgeous Natalie Off Duty, and a great many other uber bloggers for an event I shall say nothing of- just in-case!!! Today me and Natalie, and Chiara from The Blonde Salad went roaming the back streets of Barcelona to all the kooky little vintage stores! It's always fun shopping with fashionista's who know how to sniff out a bargain. mm, sniff out, I'm not loving that phrase so much!!! Can't think of a better one right now however! Anyway, I'm exhausted after all the walking around in 6 inch heels! I hope you are all happy, now that Monday's done! :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Karin said...

gorgeous...I found you via chictopia and your blog is divine xxx

Christina said...

Great pics!

Kristie said...

What a gorgeous coat! Haha I have yet to get myself a faux fur coat like that - I would really like one though!

Rosa said...

Hi... welcome to Spain, you have a great style. I follow you, visit and follow if you want.


Emilie said...

Love your studded top!

Jessica said...

i saw your pics on chiara and natalie's blogs.
you look amazing as well as you on these pics!


modern.girl said...

just found you! love your style and photos! following!


ellie estrada said...

so pretty, i love your blog! FOLLOWED. keep it up! <3


valentina said...

i like your style!!


kiss vale!

the-caramel-lady said...

Great blog !
Love you style: ),
and nice photos :)

Estelle Pigault said...

Love everything about the outfit!




Cara said...

Beautiful jacket! Great find ;)
xo Cara

Cindy said...

Love the studded top, so edgy. And incredibly jealous that you got to go shopping with Chiara and Natalie!


jamie said...


Anonymous said...

Love your style! I have found you because of the photos Natalie update on her blog! You girls looked amazing! I'm from Barcelona too! I'm following you!

Nathalia said...

hey saw your pink pants on Natali Off Dutty blog, and love them, I decided to personal make you the compliment on you blog! ... very nice too... i will be following you!
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Anonymous said...

I live near the beach so it could be! haha! :) Which jacket are you talking about? :)

Anonymous said...

ahaha! It could be! I wear it some days but I can't remember the last time! In poblenou? I dance hip hop on an studio there! Maybe I see you walking by the street some day haha! Kisses! :)

Make Shift Model said...

Oh wow! Amazing! I want to come and dance with you!!! xx

Make Shift Model said...

Thanks so much for all these lovely comments guys! You all rock big time!!! xx

Miri said...

Oh wow, this sounds amazing...

and you look so adorable in the fur jacket ;)


Anna said...

You are so beautiful! I love your smile :)
Looking forward to more of your posts xo


AMINTA said...

I tried to email you , but I seems that your e mail is not working, or maybe is wrong :S

Send it to me please....


Make Shift Model said...

Heya... My email
Is zoeycrystyna@gmail.com

Style and Outfit said...

I found you via Natali's blog! Great style and fun pics!
I follow you on google friends and Fb!

Joanna K. said...

love your blog!!
followed you!
check out my blog and tell me what you think I'd love your opinion!!


samecookiesdifferent said...

cute photos and love this jacket :) nice blog and nice outfits!
the cookies
maybe visit our blog too, if you like :)

Z--- said...

loove these pictures!!the fur coat is amazing!xx


Amber said...

so fun!

Love your photos!


pelininstyle said...

I just started following your blog:) It is really lovely:)


I like the studded top ;)