Saturday, 14 May 2011

Polka Dotted Saffron Suedes! (The Thrifting Series- Part Five!)

Polka Dot Midi Dress (Worn as mini) Thrifted Vintage: HK Thrift Store, Red Leather Belt with Gold Studding: Vintage, Barcelona: Le Swing, Black Hat: Vintage (gift), Saffron Suede Fringed Wedges: HK Boutique 

Saturday is upon us!!! This is a super duper quick post, just a cupla snaps of my new saffron suede delights walking their way to brunch (And falling over more times than I care to mention!) I'm such a sucker for fringing though... I don't care if I have to fall over and look like a muppet to be honest! So worth it!!! Actually talking of brunch, we found an absolutely gorgeous brunch place in HK today if anybody is here, and looking! It's called The Brunch Club & Supper on Leighton Road just opposite the Cricket Club... Amazing, gorrrgeous, so very very Shoreditch, London. Makes a mean Eggs Benedict!
On a brief note, little Dad update... Things are looking up, and my head has stopped spinning quite so much from an overdose of worry and stress... I even made it to China to visit my lovely tailor  and get the first half of my samples made up! One week of excited nervousness ahead of me until I go back to see the results! EEEPERS! :) But SOOO EXCITED! Me and Albert have been working away figuring out the whole website thing today... errr, It's not as easy as sooo many of you make it look! How on earth do you do it?! Am I missing something really big here people?!!! Anyway, I have been assured that it's the amazingness of the Disco Pony collection that's what counts! So excited! Shall I tell you how excited I am again?1 YEP, GONNA! EXCITED!!! :) 
How are all of you? What a blogger shocker it was for our faithful blogger to be down! Gah! I didn't realise my blog dependence until Thursday! Chraziee! I hope you are all well, happy, eating good food, looking at pretty things... doing what you love, whatever that may be! I'm off to veg out now Saturday sofa style! Oh yeah baby! xx p.s I apologise for the complete lack of continuity with my photo sizing, I have no idea what I'm doing...or what's going on! I need an assistant! ;)

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Kalina said...

you look amazing! beautiful dress and shoes!

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Shasie said...

Love this red belt with the polka dots! So chic...

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la tiquismiquis said...

you look incredibly gorgeous. i really love this dress. <3

la tiquismiquis

Minnie and Daisy said...

Aww the belt with the golden studs! I'm in love with it!
xoxo Xenia

asia said...

gorgeous !
i love your dress :)

Tonya said...

I ADORE your shoes!! So perfect for the spring! I love the polka dot dress...and all of your hats! Lovely :)

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Bec said...

really gorgeous.

Kashi said...

You look so, so nice! x

Rachael said...

I love those shoes!!

Adventures in Fashion said...

Omg, the shoes! Those are adorable, love! xx

Francesca said...

you are absolutely gorgeous thank you so much :) i can't thank you enough! xx

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Evil Nelly said...

you look beautiful! i want a polka dot dress too :) those shoes are simply fabulous!
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