Monday, 13 June 2011

Disco Pony Sets Sail

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Sunglasses: Oysho, Striped Sequin Jacket: "Your Most Prized Jacket" Disco Pony, White Shorts: H&M, Toes: OPI, Sad un-made up face: Missing of Friends!!! (Gerry, Franny, Drew, Dommy, Julia, Lucy, Carol, Andy, Jonas, NatBalls, the list goes on! You know who you are!)
My best efforts not to be a mis!

I officially give up with blogger! If somebody were to check my stress levels right now, they would be deemed unsafe and I would be rushed off to a meditation room filled with lavender and oceanic sounds... Once let out, I would not be allowed near a computer, blogger or any type of device connected to the internet. And I should live happily ever after, stress free... surrounded by sequins... The story now starts to get a bit sad in my head... it involves un-made Disco Pony jackets and mounds of unwanted sequined fabric due to this lack of internet and people to see it... I shan't bore you with it all... it really is very sad!
Talking of sad (by the way, that rant/story was due to my not being able to upload images to the desired size, not due to lack of desperately, hopelessly trying I should add- so this blog is down about 6 more photos... I am sorry!) this is how I admittedly, and quite ashamedly felt whilst being driven around and dined on a 66foot yacht on Saturday. I say this not because I am a spoilt brat-type being... but because there is nothing sadder than being given beautiful, wonderful things and not being able to enjoy it with friends. I find nothing sadder that being surrounded by breathtaking beauty, that fills you with awe, and then turning around in desperation to share it with those you love, and being met with strangers... I always feel so sad and lonely when I'm doing the most exciting of things out here... I now feel guilty. I will end this tale of woe and guilt immediately and get onto more positive things!!!
Today we ventured back up to Sai Kung, and landed ourselves THE MOST GORGEOUS, JUNGLE PARADISE of a house! I cannot begin to tell you how much less depressed this has made me after my saturday of feeling sorry for myself sans my friends and what not!!! This place is incredible... and I feel completely and utterly blessed by the jungle to be living in it come July! (Or whenever I get back to Hong Kong that is!!!) I am so so excited to show you our new dwelling... photo shoots gallore shall have to commence once we are in!!!! Woo!
I'm off to China again for the last time before I go back to London on Friday... This time to visit my tailor to get some pieces made up for a surprise array of my all time favorite bloggers to sport! I am SO excited to see them in my designs! EEEP! :) They are going to rock them out so well I just know it!!!
I should really get some sleep now... it's well into the morning (6 minutes actually... but, I'm getting old!!!) Please excuse my less than made up face in these pics (well... the one picture you actually see my face!) I was sans make up, except for some trusty red lipstick- a must have, even for a boat!, smothered in factor 50, AAAANNNNDDD I had been blasting my face for the past 45 minutes at the front of the boat, Titanic style with headwinds that kinda blew my face off! Most enjoyable! Who needs oxygen facials when you have a speedy yacht!!!! (Cost: about the same!)
So my lovely things! I'm sorry this isnt the entire lookbook yet! I've been getting some demands! I just have to make sure the quality of the pics is high resolution enough for the blog.... I accidentally edited them all wrong, and halved the pixels, so when I uploaded them, well... you could almost make out my hat!!!
I hope you are all fresh and full of vitamin D after your weekends! :)
Photography by Albert Dedeu


Caroline Josephine said...

I hope you can de-stress sooooooon! But omg you look amazing and that jacket is fantastic! I can't even immagine how wonderful it felt to be on that boat.

Take care!!!! xoxoxo

Nanangel said...

i love the jacket.. you look beautiful

SlambTheJam said...

Girl you look gorgeous! All your stress will pay off soon, then disco pony stuff you've shown so far is amaaaazing! Good luck you're gonna rock it :)

KINGA said...

you look amazing! xoxo,Kinga.

The Fancy Teacup said...

I'm so excited about the Disco Pony collection coming out! You look exquisite in that jacket, girl...eeee! I'm sure all the items are going to look heavenly :)

♥, Jamie

asia said...

you look gorgeous ! nice photos

love your jacket :)


Tereza Anton said...

Love the jacket!

Kalina said...

beautiful pictures, I love your look, stunning blazer!

Cara said...

Gorgeous photos, that sequin jacket is stunning!
xo Cara

Helena said... "guapa". I love the jacket, the nail's color...EVERYTHING!!!

cryskay said...

gorgeous jacket! to die for! xx

Lippylash said...

Love the sequins!! really great outfit!

Dash said...

Zoey you look fabulous working the wistful look, can't wait to see the entire disco pony look book and lots of lovely photos in your new abode, sounds like the next few weeks are going to be pretty hectic...enjoy.

Hamza Guelmouss said...

thank you for the comment and love your blazer btw !

Bec said...

this jacket has been haunting me, in the best possible way of course, in my dreams. i can't wait to see everything finished!