Sunday, 10 July 2011

Baby You See Right Through Me!

Black Fedora: Vintage, Sheer White Tennis Dress: Next, Brown Chelsea Boots: Valverde Del Camino, Leather Tassel Bag: Italy (Gift) 

Mini essay today- I'm supposed to keep my eyes open for a late starting Saturday night boogie, and I am struggling already! Look thouuuughhhh... We have our puppy back!!! Yaaaaaay! It's soooo nice to have him home, I keep forgetting he is here! It's been so long! He had no idea what to think when we came to see him... normally he would jump up and bark and howl and run around, but he just kind of looked at us... completely shocked! Pooooor Scoobyyyyy! :( He seems very pleased to be back home with us now though... back with the pack! Yeah! K, I must have some sort of power nap now! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend to the max! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


eloiselabetise said...

Gorgeous outfit and photos! Love your dress and your boots! xxx

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Great outfit. I love those brown boots!! Your pictures are always amazing :)

Tonya said...

These photos are so cute!! I love love love your outfit! The dress is adorable and so summery, and I love the boots so much! Cute!

Choi Olga said...

I like how you wear dress and ankle boots together~! want to try similar one )


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Gorgeous outfit.

jenjen said...

great outfit and great photos!

Kalina said...

stunning look! gorgeous photos!

greetings from

Lisa said...

I love your boots and your doggy :)

Cara said...

Gorgeous the dress and boots, you look absolutely stunning!
Of course adore the photos of you and your doggy...he is just so cute!
xo Cara