Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Behind The Scenes Poolside Shoot (The Fringe Dress)

Vintage Fedora, Fringe pool dress: Random HK boutique, Black suede peep toe Wedges by ASOS, Feather broaches on shoulders: Disco Pony Accessories

Back in Hong Kong, Albert sneakily left his iphone propped up on the table whilst we shot the Fringe Dress by the pool. He showed me after the shoot... I thought it was so, so sweet that he did that, and what a stunning shoot to document right! This place was truly spectacular, it our friends place, they literally live right on top of the peak. This is actually the pool I managed to burn myself to a crisp by... falling asleep under the insanely hot evening sun! (I thought after 3pm you couldn't burn... THIS IS NOT TRUE FOLKS!!!) You can totally tell that I edited this film and not Albert... It's highly unprofessional, but hey ho, It's just a little peek into what goes on when we shoot! I thought you might like to seeeeee!
I'm getting verrrry ancy to get back to Hong Kong now... get back to my Disco Pony baby! As beautiful and lovely as Barcelona is, and as amazing as it is to have some friend time, I can't truly appreciate it when I have so much to do in Hong Kong! One last trip to London next week, then onto Hongky Hongky land... This time to our new house in the jungle! Woowoo! Packing up the house here, slowly but surely... No idea how this is all going to work! Alas, it will... it has to! I hope you are all well... Who's on holiday??? Love and love wonderfuls xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


jenjen said...

Great pictures :) this place looks super cool and the dress is so pretty.

Carolina Krews said...

love this dress :)



la mode, je vous aime said...

amazing pics!!!

Isabel Bianchi said...

Hi!! Nice to meet you!! I didn´t know your blog, but I love your style!
I like the first picture of this post! The dress is very cute with all the fringing!!

Anonymous said...

amazzing shoes and cute dress, unfortunately youtube doesn't show your video :(

Lisa said...

Shoes are amazing. Looking for a pair like them.

prostokate said...

wow, absolutely adorable you and awsome soundtrack!! Good work, sweet!

Good luck with your packing stuff :)
I believe in you, girl!
Look forward to see more of your Disco Pony :)


Adventures in Fashion said...

You look so adorable! I love the outfit, the video, and the behind the scenes pics... You're a rockstar ;)

Kotryna said...

Love your wedges!

Em said...

Amazing pictures!

The.Red.See said...

Stunning photos!

Milan Boya said...

really nice pics! u r amazing!

Kalina said...

gorgeous dress, awesome pictures!

Cara said...

So fun to get a behind the scenes look! Love the dress, great shots
xo Cara

cyeoms said...

okay too cool. i love the video with it!!
ya watch for that sun!! spf 60 all the way haha