Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hello Hong Kong, Goodbye Wardrobe!

I take FULL responsibility for these shots... which is why they are erm, chrazie weird 'n full of black shadows blocking half the lens!!!
TopShop Silk shorts... I swear I spent a good year of my life thinking one of my legs was fatter than the other one when I got these... Now I'm always handling fabrics and cuts and designing... I see that this was in fact a hideously made pair of shorts with one leg 2 inches smaller than the other!!! Oh the complex they gave me! 

Oh wardrobe... How full you were of so much stuff! How musty and vintage you smelled when I got back from Hong Kong, what joy and pain you brought me whilst I tried to create you!!! Oh wardrobe... you are no more :(
That was my wardrobe poem. This was my attempt at documenting its demise. Before it had, erm been demised!!! (Agh, now all I can think about it my poor Grammar/ incorrect word choices! Thanks Chops!)
We though perhaps we would keep our little flat in Barcelona... But thennnn we realised that we aren't billionaires! haha! Whoops! So, this meant all those treacherous hours I spent up a ladder listening to Shakira on repeat, scraping the wet paint off the walls that just completely refused to stick to its ancient crumbliness, then re painting it, and then doing it all over again... and thennnn sticking magazine clippings all over it, and hats, and other things was all in vain! (well... kind of, I did in fact have my haven of stuff up and running for a good few months before I had to say goodbye!) Now, despite my horrible photography skills (who knew how much hard work taking pictures is with one of those view finder things!!!) you can ALMOST make out my little vintage hideout! I did actually take a photo of the floor, which was just a big old heap of more stuff... clothes, shoes, things and magazines... but I cant for the life of me locate it! Honestly... I was entirely willing to show you the REAL ME! Aka, the filthiest girl alive!!! The truth will out at some point! There is nothing neat about me! If that song by Gabriella Climi went "Nothing's NEAT about me" I would sing it for you... Wait... now I'm reading that, it sounds like nothings neat about me... well, it says that... but I meant it in the messy neat kinda way... I'm totally neat as a person! Swear! I am in a slight state of unknown... perhaps joy, freedom, and probably some sorrow at the lack of the above clutter/ clothing/ footwear I now own! I did in fact give 90% of my possessions away... Of course, had I of known about our perma-move well in advance, I would have given it all to you... I assure you it's all gone to good, happy homes however. The next country I move to... I promise you... first picks are yours!!! xx


Fashionlass said...

What are you talking about, horrible photos?
I LOVE how eclectic they are. It makes them so much more interesting.
But maybe I'm just a strange artsy hippie. ;)
Love your blog.
Never fails to give me a chuckle (and, believe me, that's because it's very funny, and not funny-looking....)
I'll stop rambling.

Fashionthroughtravel said...

The photos are really awesome! I love how you decorated the place and all the amazing jewelry and hats you have there! It must be hard to let it go, but I'm sure where you're heading is going to be even more exciting!

Diane said...

Hi Zoeyy! sorry for the late reply! Im back in Shanghai now and blogger is blocked here! Ahh I am so jealouss! of Penelope! and then Scarlett walking your dog!? Insane!! Btw youre Disco Pony pieces are sooo purrty! I want to buy them all!! I lovee the sequinss!

Yess lets deffo meet up for coffee when Im back in September! =D

Diane -

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Whoooa love your wardrobe and how it's decorated ♥
And OMGOD @ THOSE SILK SHORTS!! Ohhhhh >.< I HAAAATE when I find mistakes in clothings!
I loooove Gabriella Climi and LOL @ "went "Nothing's NEAT about me" You're so funny :D

:( Awww, that sucks at having to give your stuff away. I would be suuuuper sad and I would cry if I had to give my wardrobe away, I mean clothes that I'm attached too...hahaha. ^^

Maybe now, you can make room for new buys? ^^