Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hair Cut...

Wearing: Black Vintage Fedora, White Tee: Zara, Black Sheer Skirt: Maple HK, Flatforms: HK Boutique (Below) Silver Surfer Sequin Jacket: Disco Pony


I have a love hate relationship with hair cuts! My "Ombre" has been rapidly destroying my hair to the point of slight depression (hair DRAMA!) and despite my many attempts at slowly snipping away at all the split ends... then dying it all darker... it's still been begging for a dramatic 6" chop! So... I just hacked it off! It felt rather wonderful for a while... but thennnn it started to bug me being all "shortish" and whatnot! It'l grow, it'l grow, it'l grow mantra on repeat!!! haha, okay, i'm just kidding here peeps... I'm not so fussed... kind of, okay, I am a bit... but it's too hot to care right now!!!
This has been a completelyyy crazyballs day! We finally have our puppy home with us in Hong Kong... after a maaad expedition to find him in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere (superterminal my ass!) Poor little thing, imagine flying thousands of miles, having no idea where you are... stuck in the bottom of a plane, then coming out into a place you have no smell recognition of, and your parents nowhere to be seen for hours (after the 2 week absence!) TRAUMATIC MUCH! I've never heard him howl so loudly as when he saw us from his crate... Awwww, it broke my heart! His little nose was all scratched up from pushing it through the bars... However, he is now home, all snuggled up... having been for a jungle exploration and eaten en entire packet of peanut butter dog biscuits from the village dog bakery!
I'm not reaaaly sure whats going on with my make shift modeling at the moment... it seems I am having a very make shift moment, and not getting on with the camera at all... however, as Albert kindly pointed out at my distaste for the past few shoots... I have in fact been really ill for the past few days, with some sort of stomach flu... And after the ridonkulously long day we had on top of this... I was excused for my eweness, by Albert at least!!! Thanks baby!!! :)
I hope you are all well... I promise to be more "on it" blogging wise this week... It's much harder than I imagined now with the hours we are working, and the hours of light we have!
Love and love bunnies xx
Photography by Albert Dedeu


eloiselabetise said...

Gorgeous outfit! Your skirt and your jacket are beautiful! The first picture is lovely! xxx

Just Another Shopaholic said...

You look amazing!

Meisha.Style said...

love the picture! classic black and white. and the hat is perfect for the hair!

Milan Boya said...

great girl!

Natalie Suarez said...

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT TO SQUEEZE YOU! that first photo is beyond gorgeous :)



According to Annika said...

Sweetieeeee! Get well soon! I don't want my baby to be sick, especially not when she's already stressed out about everything she has to do. Hmm. Why I am third-personing you? No idea. Well Zoey my love, I adore you, however long or short your hair might be.

AMINTA said...

Haircut yay!! Don´t worry the hair grows easily... you look gorgeous anyways!!

cryskay said...

so glad i found your blog because im in love with you! you have such amazing style and your gorgeous! im your newest follower girl! xx

Anonymous said...


Great outfit! I love the styling. You always have such great outfits I would never think of. And of course the best part is your Silver Surfer!

Hope you get to feeling better! Dogs always have some way of knowing when you are sick. Hopefully the little one is cuddling up to you and helping make you feel comfortable!