Thursday, 4 August 2011

Time This Bad Boy Became A Jumper!

Wearing: "The Natalie" in Black: Disco Pony

Whilst I have been mooching about at home (Courtesy of: See Annika's perfectly describing post here!), working on designs, trying to record a video of me singing one of my all time fave songs for miss Natalie herself (I need Albert's camera skills!!!) and trying my best to beat the girl pains by working... I started staring at my Natalie dress... the black one... I think the Gold one might be on the cusp of infuriating people if I post it up AGAIN! Anywhooo, despite the 40 billion degree C weather outside, I can't stop thinking about sparkly jumpers. I think sequin jumpers(/sweaters if your an Americanoooo), are the ultimate in luxe cajz (I spent about an hour on the bus trying to work out how to shorten casual to the way we say cash... but you see, I write cashhh, and it comes out like MONEY! gah! So... I came up with cajz! I think this works!!!?
I'm sorely tempted to just hack a few inches off my sample dress, BUTTTT I can't because I know a. I love this as a dress, and b. nothing is ever finished in this business... things need re shooting all the time!
I'm actually planning on re-shooting the entire collection outside, urban jungle style... the pure dazzle of sequins just gets lost entirely in a studio. Rather excited to show you the REAL sparklyness of it all!!!
So, anyway, back to the jumper!
I NEED a scoop neck, sequin jumper like this... in every colour please! So that is what I shall do! I shall design it, and make it and tadaaa there it shall be! :)

On the subject of making pieces up... this is the last week of orders I will be taking for the first Disco Pony pieces to be made. If anybody wants to order something sparkly from the collection, please send me an email nowzies so I can gather your measurements and make sure its all how you need it! This also means the usual 2 month pre-order wait is cut in at least half! So let me know guyssssss! Disco Pony needs you!
Email me to Pre-Order your very own piece of Disco Pony @

Sooo, back AGAIN to that jumper! What do you guys think? Would you like to see these sparkly additions to the Disco Pony collection?! I think it's a must... I will for sure get a great deal of wear out of something so effortlessly luxe! Ooooo sparkles, how I LOVE YOU!
K, back to the Annadin extra! Owchies!
Peace & Love John Lennon style and more love Disco Style!


The Fancy Teacup said...

OMG!!! If you make that into a jumper, I want to be the first person to have it! Good talking to you last night, will email you later this morning gorgeous girl! xo

♥, Jamie

Caroline Josephine said...

You're killing me. I would kill for the Silver Surfer, but the dollar is SO weak right now it would cost me an arm and a leg just in currency conversion D: I did the math last night. It hurt! Someday my love, someday~

Natalie Suarez said...




Abigail Beatrice said...

Awhh I love that sequin jumper! It is gorgeous, i really want it :) You are beautiful xxx

Shels415 said...

Awww i would definitely love that as a jumper! The low back is stunning!


Tereza Anton said...

Looking amazing, so sexy :).

Diana said...

i absolutely adore your designs! i saw your sparkly dress on inspirafashion and i fell completely in love!! you have a great eye girl and i bet it would be amazing as a jumper !


Saraicg said...

Haha!! Omg thank you! I love my new follower too! Hm... you'll get it, if I get the whole collection, deal? haha I can't wait to see it!! Work work ;) Puss puss!