Tuesday, 29 November 2011


RI.by.CARRIE designer legwear

Last week, I opened the doors to the Disco Pony Private Showroom in HK (oo la la, I hear you say!) and quite inadvertently had the total pleasure of meeting two amazing and talented new Hong Kong designers... both of which I shall be introducing over the next week or two. It's so exciting for me to be able to collaborate with newbie designers out here, especially international ones with such a similar vision to me.

RI by CARRIE is the new label by super design star Carrie Chan. Like me, she has spent a lot of time in both London and Hong Kong, and as a consequence has come out with an uber cool inter-fusion line of legwear... both leggings and tights. She designs everything, meticulously running the lines of her patterns in accordance with our natural leg shape... leaving the legs looking extra long and sexy, and curving a little in all the right places!

Carrie so kindly let me take a pair of her leggings to test drive, and after restraining myself for a couple of minutes, I was in them before she was barely out the door! I picked the yellow ones... my banana pants as I now like to refer to them! How friggun cool are they?! (Far right- second picture down) Both Carrie and April were interested to see them with some Disco Pony sequins... some serious clashy clashy action going on there... Now, I'm not afraid of a bit print clashing, but for these babies, I'd rather let them do the talking and pair them with an oversized cable knit sweater, or an uber (I use this word too much- aware!) long Crepe Silk A-Symmetrical Disco Pony shirt, for some mega floaty vibes!

Oh banana pants! I shall wear you in Paris- spice up your black uniform a bit!

Keep an eye out for these super cool leggings and tights... you can order them online here. They are also available in an array of funky stores around Hong Kong too- if you are here!

Check out RI by CARRIE on facebook