Wednesday, 16 November 2011

It's Only Just Begun! The Disco Pony Journey...

A teeny scattering of some of the babes who have so righteously rocked out the Disco!

It's nearly time for Disco Pony to go into hibernation! After a few incredible and crazy sequin-clad months of the Disco Pony Pre-Launch, (which was only meant to be a little taster of something far more organized, exciting and put together!) it's time to reel in the sequins and get to serious work on the official launch of Disco Pony early next year! You can expect Crepe silks galore, the Disco Pony Resort collection, scrummy sequins (of course!) and some unexpected surprises thrown in there too!

What can I say?! It's been a truly amazing, exhausting, and exciting journey so far... with so many, many beautiful, loving, excited and enthusiastic customers of whom I've really had the chance to get to know on a personal level. It's been an honor creating pieces for you guys! The interest in Disco Pony has been so unexpectedly bountiful, it's left me feeling more than a little guilty for not already having an easy access base in which you can see everything going on. It's all a huge learning curve for me... a brand newbie designer out in the frantic land of Asia. I've definitely been learning things the hard way... the interesting way, and the most honest way by not thinking too hard about it and jumping right in at the deep end... I've been venturing over boarders solo, filling my passport to the brim with stamps, trying my hand at Chinese... rapidly learning sign language for tailors (I feel a book coming on!!!), experiencing the least glamorous and totally unfair sides to the fashion industry... and making sure not to spoil the sparkliness for anybody by divulging! I've learnt to build relationships with the people working with me to create the beautiful things, and to stay as close as possible to the entire process. I've learnt how fabrics will drape off the roll... and on the body! (THIS FOLKS, IT TURNS OUT, IS TRES IMPORTANT!!!)
I could go on for hours with the education I have so unexpectedly received... it's left me completely dumfounded many a time! However... It's been amazing... and the endless list of what not to do when starting up your own fashion company is being written up for another time and another blog!

Disco Pony will be running up until the end of November... as I am Europe Bound come December for Parisian affairs (not that kind, Albert!), Barcelona beaches, some snowy British family time and A LOT of hard work to get things in order come the new year!!!

*Please get in your orders this week if you are after a Christmas piece or a New Years all night disco worthy outfit!

I will do my best to get back to you right away so we can get the process moving, and you can have a super sparkly holiday!!!

Thank you so much too all of you who have been so enthusiastic, and inspiring... to all the Disco Ponies who have strutted their stuff in the blogosphere getting the word out, and to all my wonderful customers who've barely complained at all!!! ;) hehe!

Watch this space folks... I assure you Disco will never die, and you shall be equally, if not more thrilled with the official launch and new collections to come in 2012!

Love and love
Zoey :) xx