Thursday, 10 November 2011


I've quite literally spent days going through all your completely amazing entries for the Disco Pony Gold Natalie Dress giveaway... they were all absolutely heart melting, and all I want to do is make every single one of you a dress! Alas, I cannot do this... Most frustrating I realise- For me too, trust me! So... I've read and re-read all the wonderful ways you guys would style it up/ dress it down and I think we have found the winner here. It's all so completely unfair, I know, I know... as it totally depends on how I am feeling the dress should be styled, and or what answer just totally speaks to me. I guess all I go could go on, after every single response melted my heart, was the one that made it beat a little faster!
The result was a very simple, clean, minimal...I could go on.... answer that just made me think... "This is it! This is the ONE... This is SO how I want to see it styled up, and in fact wear it myself"!

I must admit, my recent pen-chance for anything Burgundy helped shuffle things along! There were a few of you who mentioned this sacred word in your entries... and I have included you all in the very close to win list! I LOVE BURGUNDY RIGHT NOW! I can't get enough of it... maybe in a week when I have picked up everything I can in this color region I will want to vom from burgundy over dose... however, until then it's way up there on my heart-beats-a-little-faster list!!!

But first... some of my all time favorite responses...


Hollee said...

I don't envy your job here at all Zoey!! So Many good ideas for such a beautiful dress!

Much love!

Jaeger said...

ooh my one was one of your faves! im so happy :) heehee!

Caroline Josephine said...

I'm excited to see who wins! And I know that you are doing your best, hell, I'm sure everyone knows! We all love and support you and what you do <3

Omg burgundy... recently I've really been loving mahogany for some crazy reason! And maroon, and raspberry and wine... hahaha, I just need these colors in my life!

SmellsLikeSteph said...

Oh that first one is mine, my heart has been melted <3

mteresalucas said...

You haave a very hard task on your hands :) may the best one win


Pats Krysiak said...

Awesome entries! There are so many great ways to style the dress, it's gorgeous!


Lizzie said...

Yay! I was one of your favorites :))


Anonymous said...

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Visala said...

OMG Disco Pony, thank you very much for putting me into one of your favourite responses!!!!!