Sunday, 27 November 2011

Who Wants A Bath Tub Of Shoes?!?!

Despite literally bathing in all my shoe purchase glory back in ummmm, April/ May? I feel saddened that every pair since then has been left almost completely un-worn, left for cold in the depths of my closet after my desire to be in front of the camera wained so greatly and so abruptly! Iv'e since worn, in true fashionista style, a pair of old havianas (now lost) my trusted plimpsoles (also lost) a pair of battered black chelsea boots (not lost, surgically attached to my feet in fact) and my hot pink Nike trainers! Oh yeah baby, I'm just too cool for school!
I thought, since I so hate the sad, muffled cry of abandoned shoes howling to be taken out every time I open my wardrobe, that I'd give all you size fivers (UK) out there a chance to show these babies a good time! A real good time... like, on your feet kinda good time! Dancing all night, disco style!
I was going to do a big giveaway, but I realised they are all a size five, and not everybody has a size five foot... right!? So, instead, I shall just add them to the shop my wardrobe/ catch my thrift section (which I SHALL MAKE... just as soon as I can!) Every pair can be like... erm 10-20 euros- thats cheap right?
In the mean time... you can squint at these pictures, see if theres anything you must have in the old tub!!!
It's a plan stan!! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Vertiginoso said...

AND this material symbiosis sounds like an ultimate kind of "Fetish Grail § Fantasy" I can't help BUT say Here Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Her Persona said...

can't wait. I'm a size 5

Hannah said...

Cool! I can't wait! By the way, I like the new header of your blog!

Check out my blog!

I love my old Levi's said...

What a pity, my size is an european 39 :(
Really cute pics !

Johanna said...

Those shoes are SO beautiful!!!! I wish I could buy them all !!! :) but i'm afraid I'm rather uk size 4 or 4 1/2 :( i'm sure you will make someone very very very happy by giving them away :) xx

Cara said...

Such awesome photos-love those pants!
xo Cara

DIVYA! said...

very good!