Monday, 2 January 2012

Banana Pants...

Black Fedora: Vintage, Silver Jumper: Disco Pony (New Season), Necklace: Antique Vintage, Black and Yellow Leggings: RI by CARRIE designer legwear
Pap shot!!! Quick tuck job!
RI by Carrie Designer Legwear

"Diamond in Jungle" quite the apt name for these bad boys! I was hoping to shoot them in Paris last month, but it rained...and rained....and rained... not so tropical really! So, I thought I'd go ahead, don a Disco Pony silver space jumper and take a walk in my own jungle. I am basically ooooooing with the softness of my banana pants... seriously, I might be moving in!!! I'm going to need the entire RI range by Carrie now! Blue next please!
We took these pictures just outside of our house, in front of a big banana plant for humours sake! (god I'm funny ;)  I grabbed a big leaf off the floor and now have some VERY SPECIAL photos indeed!!!! haha! I might whip them out when I'm in a more jocular mood!!!
Back to the bananas though... I'm totally impressed by the work of the gorgeous Carrie. If you are in the mood for some pin altering sexy softness, i'd highly recommend checking out her entire range of leg wear! I predict big things for these leggings! I'm proud to have a pair in my closet (ahem, on my floor along with everything I own- New Years closet rethink?!!!) They belong somewhere far chicer than my floor... actually, I'm going to put them back on now... mooch about and eat some steak, Monday night rock n' roll!
P.S I'm so totally working up the nerve to chop my locks off to this "tucked in hat" length... what do you think??? New Year, New Hair?! Happy New one lovely ponies :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Irene Buffa said...

love this look!
kisss and happy new year



Her Persona said...

loving the pants. great match with the sweater :)

Carmen said...

Your pants are too pretty, love the intense colour!

Carmen Ri.

Whitney said...

love them! especially the name of them haha


Hannah said...

so chic! love them!!

Julia Janku said...

Nice pants ! lol


Ieva JankauskaitÄ— said...

If I had your hair, I would NOT chop it off!! NEVER! They look really beautiful to me and as far as I can see - healthy too:) There is nothing more gorgeous than pretty women with long long hair. But I understand your desire to change a bit (is this a reason?), because we all want it from time to time:)
Actually, a month ago I chopped my hair to chin length. I was not sure if I would look normal in this hairstyle, but it worked!! And I have to say that it is even better! So, Zoey, if you want it, just do it. Hair is not a leg or something, it will grow again:)

Lizzie said...

Those pants are out of amazing way!
You look so pretty as always :)

Here's to a great 2012....Happy New Year girl!


Flis said...

Saw the title and was very intrigued to find out what they looked like - have decided they're very cool :L

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

um i'm so in love with that shiny sweater top.
and how freakin cool are those pants....

xoxo katlin

Visala said...

these pants are SO COOL!!!!!

Montes Y Mills said...

they are awesome and them best part is I have not seen them before!!!! I love discovering new things!!!