Saturday, 24 March 2012

Disco Pony Loves A Good Crepe Silk... But This S*it Wont Crinkle!!!

Disco Pony Crepe Mix Silk Print Pants w Front Zipper SS12 (Available soon)
The sloth in me has to admit my adoration for a silk that wont crinkle! A crepe mix is perfection... these are my summer staple pants! I won't put up all the designs because... Ponies, you know what happens when I do that! The entire Mermaid collection is now done for... gone, vamoosed... DEAD in the Disco Pony water! Oh well... I shall take it as initiative to create something even better!!! For now, I'm clinging on for dear life to my summer silks! Don't you just completely LOVE this print! Amaze right! AMAZEBALLS!!! :) Hope your well ponies... Happy weekend xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu