Sunday, 4 March 2012

Disco Timeline!

So.. apaaaaarently, all facebook pages have gone into some sort of a TimeLine meltdown... I'm a real stubborn mule/pony(?) when it comes to complicating perfectly functioning things... If it ain't broke, don't fix it sorta thing... BUT... I'm no techo genius either, and I guess if they (the clever ones over at FB headQ) deem it appropriate for businessessss, then I shall embrace it with a little Disco! So I snatched up the FOAM magazine article cover and Nat Nat looking all NYC gorgeous in her jumper and voila... that is me being all up to date and what not! Now to figure out the Twitter game and I'm THERE baby!!! haha!
The final hurumph and second giveaway for the Natalie dress will be happening this month after some  YES'S and PLEASE'S! March will be the official birthday of the Natalie, as that is when she shimmied it over her delicious self and made it her bitch!!! Keep an eye out for that! More updates will be happening over on the sexy new TL facebook page!!! Double promo whammy! Happy Sundays Ponies... Posting lull due to an amalgamation of action, rain and rainy action! xx