Saturday, 31 March 2012

Golden Blue Disco Pony Florals... The lost collection

Disco Pony SS12 Floral Trousers, Disco Pony Swarovski layered Necklace (coming soon-ish!!!)
Disco Pony SS12 Golden Blue Floral Trousers (The Lost Collection!)

It still feels a bit sad to wear the "lost collection" but I guess I should get the most I can out of everything I have created, despite no longer having any of the fabrics that made up Disco Pony SS12.
I think this is the 4th time I have had my fabrics poached by another company... Tough industry!!! But a girls gotta keep creating, and my eye is always ready to seek out a stunning fabric amidst all the chaos!
Fear not, this is not the end of DPSS12! I've re-designed the collections and I assure you, delicious things are still to come!!! Pip Pip Ponies happy Saturday! :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu