Wednesday, 11 April 2012

999! It's Some Kind of (British) Disco Emergency!!! MORE GIVEAWAYS?!

So, it would seem I'm due for another bout of Disco generosity ;) ... (MORE ZOEY, REALLY?!!!) It just wouldn't be Disco if there wasn't a celebratory sequin giveaway come 1 thousand of you ridiculously awesome, super cool Ponies showing me love over on the book! I've got a lil summin' summin' stashed away for a day like today (or tomorrow, or next week, month, year, century... or whenever that number rolls up by one dashing Pony!) in the shape of a particular Silver Surfer! (as seen above on Miss Poesy/ Marklund...whomever you choose to believe that beauty is!) I love them both to be honest! You want it? You do? Let me know your size and lust levels over HERE and I will shake my magic sequin wand and see which one of you shall get the chance to look that cool on a rock in a Swedish garden! Lita's optional... I guess their time has been and gone... flip flops maybe? Or a silver toed pointy number?! Whatever you like... UPTOYOU! xx

Photography by Annika Marklund (That beautiful devil!) Model: Amanda Marklund (That other beautiful devil!) /Angels!