Thursday, 26 July 2012

On The Print Trousers...

Silk Oriental PJ Set: Disco Pony
Pink Oriental PJ Trousers: Disco Pony
Embossed Silk Blue & Silver Trousers: Disco Pony
I'm still working my way through my $10 British ELLE- savoring each page! Nothing beats British Elle!!! Except the NYC price! Owch! 

I'm not sure I could physically design a non-printed trouser... Every pair I've ever made bar one Crepe Silk pair has fully embraced bold prints and patterns, and I LOVE them! The best thing about a pair of printed pants, is that they do pretty much all the work for you... all a girl needs is a nice classic white crepe silk shirt or vest top and wham bam thank you maaam! Unless of course you want to do some serious print on print action... in which case I fully condone grabbing the matching shirt to ones pants and jumping up on stage andddd... being a rock star! Yep... that's very much the thing to be done in prints! ;)

Photography: Keymea Yazdanian
Model: Natalie Suarez
Printed Pants: Disco Pony


The PvdH Journal said...

Ah I love the last ones Natalie is wearing. And you are so right on the print.

xx Paola

patty said...

I get what you mean about British Elle! I buy it every month, but for Php550 ($13), it should very well be worth it. Can't say I'll stop buying though. ;)

Arra Abella said...

Those trousers are perfect! I love them!

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Anonymous said...

Zoey Zoey Zoey!

It seems like it's been forever and a year since I've commented on your blog!
I just couldn't resist leaving you some love as soon as I saw this post go up though! :)

Those PJs are AWESOME!!
The patterns are amazing and the colors are so gorgeously vivid. I absolutely adore the blue pair!
How much more glamorous are they than the ratty old t-shirts and shorts I sleep in??

And those printed trousers. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Why so much amazingness Disco Pony?
I wish I had the money to buy absolutely everything Disco Pony. Then I could dance off into the night all shiny and happy and whatnot! :)

Well, I can dream I guess!


P.S. I forgot to mention that Natalie looks like all kinds of gorgeousness in these photos!
That shade of red lipstick looks amazing on her!

P.P.S. I sent you an e-mail last night, Zoey. I hope you got it and get a chance to read it sometime :D

Anonymous said...

I'm currently obsessed with prints and might I add that you wear it well.