Tuesday, 6 November 2012

***Calling All Fashion Designers!***


Hi Ponies & Fellow Designers!
So... My beautiful friend Lauren is working at Bloc Hotels, and they have decided to hold an exciting competition to have their uniforms designed by talented individuals in lieu of wearing the usual, boring corporate suits of most hotels. Asides from the excitement of seeing their designs on the hotel staff, the winning designer will win a gorgeous Samsung TV, get a free nights stay for two at the Bloc Birmingham, as well as being included in a ton of marketing coinciding with their new openings in 2013!
I'd personally be really proud to have been a part in smoking up the hotel worlds uniforms... Being the Simon Jersey of the grounded world- sounds pretty good to me!
So, any Ponies out there in the mood to shake up the uniform world a bit... GO FOR IT! I sure will be! xx

If you have any questions, or for full terms and conditions please contact lauren@blochotels.com 

To download a copy of the Bloc Hotels style guide and logo click here, or to download an A4 printable PDF of this message click here - feel free to display it at your school, college or workplace.

For more inspiration visit our new website

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