Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Straw Boater: H&M, Horse Head Shirt, ZARA, Black Pleather Shorts: TopShop, Red Leather Belt: Vintage, Black Tights: Random, Black Peep Toe Wedges: ASOS, Brown Alexa Bag: Mulberry
Hmmm, that is in fact a person walking behind my right leg... not a new leg extension I have suddenly grown! haha!

Ever since Natalie donned her silk Horsey print shirt for the Mango event here in Barcelona, I suddenly fell back in love with my poor neglected Horse head shirt I bought back in summer! Oh the power of the stylish! For some reason I really hated it, and it was making me all sorts of angry for a while! (Poor thing... What did it ever do to me?!) But I have the beautiful Natalie to thank for it's recent re emergence, and now I can't take the thing off!!! Natalie is back in LA LA land now, Barcelona sure will miss that gorgeous long legged girl! So will I obviously! I'm still in bed, feeling insanely ill and les mis! I have to get up now though because I have a loot of packing to sort out before I leave tomorrow for London. I'm utterly excited to see my family and friends again! It's been forever and a day! :) Let's hope the doctor tells me I'm fine and can travel to my hearts content! Don't forget to check out my Nocturne post below, they have some amaaazing things coming up for next season too, so keep an eye out! So much love to everyone, and to all my new followers! Wow! Such an amazing response to everything... You are all sooo wonderful! I am slowly working my way through checking out all your gorgeous blogs! Keep it up! xx
Apologies for the teeny ness of these pics too... They are taken with Natalie's camera, so I can't size them the same as my usual ones! 

Photography by Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty!

This outfit made Chictopia's style gallery... the quickest so far! under two minutes! Amazing!!!


Emi P. said...

i always adore your style !


Julia Janku said...

Lovely ! I like you shirt !

xx, Julia


prostokate said...

gorgeous Zoey!!

you look so pretty




Cindy said...

Printed blouses are the best. I love the horse design on your's. So jealous of your Mulberry bag. Looking cute as always, Zoey :)

Style Soufflé

GIAA said...

stunning look Zoey!!




Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit, really!
Sigh, every time I see you wear that hat, I ask myself: when will I be able to wear mine..? Gonna take some time obviously, as it couldn't get windier here in little Denmark right now.

Please tjeck out my blog too :>

Anna said...

I love any kind of printed button up so this is no exception! :)

Laura said...

Your blog is really great, I love your style!
So I'm a new follower!

Miss K. said...

tnx for the cute comment I'll be sure to check H&M asap . hopefully I'll find the lovely hat !

Chelsealauren said...

i love those shorts, and the shirt, and your shoes, and the tights/leggings.. just ah, everything about this outfit is perfection.

x chelsea

Rachael said...

I just started following your blog, love it and I love your sytle! This outfit is adorable!

Hope you stop by sometime!


Kristie said...

Beautiful look! LOVE the bag and the shoes. :)

Poison Wardrobe said...

I saw that outfit on Natalie's blog and felt in love with it! Great look!

Noortje said...

gorgeous outfit <3
loving your blog

Cara said...

Beautiful! Love those shorts and I am glad Natalie brought back your love for that shirt-it's so cute!
xo Cara

verena vater said...

you're beautiful! i love your style not to forget your whole blog!! keep it up ;)


H-S said...

lovely blog ;)

thanks for stopin by and drop a comment..


Christa Lei said...

Gorgeous shirt! Reminds me of the Miu Miu prints they were doing a few seasons back. Also LOVE your bag :)

Followed your blog!

Natalie Suarez said...

you look AMAZEBALLS here! i loveesss it! miss ya! :)



la tiquismiquis said...

hey zoey. i got the link to your blog from natalie´s blog and i have to say that i am glad that i have found you. :) i really like your pictures and your way to style different things together. :) inspiring for me - so you have a new follower.

stop by if you like to: http://tqsm.blogspot.com

kiss, la tiquismiquis

Rebecca said...

Hey sorry that is has taken me far too long to reply! I've sent you an e-mail about the dress

I love this look too! x

Jeliza-Rose said...

I love your shorts! And the hat is really nice too... you look stunning!

Opposite lipstick said...



swellmayde said...

such a great outfit!! love everything! glad i stumbled upon your blog! :) makes me want to travel to spain!

take care, aimee


verena vater said...

i featured you on my blog and thought maybe you'd like to check it out!


Inspiration exists said...

Great outfit with a vintage vibe!


Cylia said...

haha:) you're so funny. liked reading everything you wrote. and the horse head shirt is super awesome.. know idea what drove you crazy?:) and the hat fits you really well!

mari b. said...

the horses-shirt is adorable - your whole look is pretty rad!
love it.

xx m.


Ms.Fashionista said...

I love your shorts with the straw hats and adorbs shirt!



Ria said...

Great print on the shirt, it's nice when things make their way back around. It kind of lends to a hoarding I don't want to get rid of anything mentality though haha.

Anonymous said...

uh, you look so great!! <3

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Lovely look! Kisses!

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Por cierto guapa, te voy a mandar en un ratito un mail para un tema de una marca, verás que llega desde 7 círculos, la agencia de comunicación en la que trabajo, míratelo y comentamos! :) Besitos!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love the shirt and love love love that hat!


Fashionthroughtravel said...

Amazing pictures! I love your style!


Collections said...

I want that bag so badly, it's so wonderful!

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