Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Time for Nocturne

As a newbie to the design world, I always looove coming across designers with a similar mission. Nocturne is undeniably one of them. Their focus is on simple, but feminine pieces zazzed out in luxurious fabrics for that extra twist... These are pieces you can easily translate from day to night by simply switching up your flats for some killer heels and a bold red lip! I don't know about you, but I really loved the way Natalie dressed down my gold sequin Disco Pony dress with her J Crews and my Camel Zara Jacket, and I feel Claudine Bertinotti-Lenoble's (founder of Nocturne) vision rings very true to this idea. As a girl who doesn't like to rely on accessories to make a look, I truly adore outfits that need nothing but a bold lip to be utterly amazing. With Nocturnes stunningly bright silks and exciting prints there is absolutely no need for piling on the jewlery. You always have the option to do so... but for the busy city girl who needs to get ready on the run, these pieces are completely perfect to transition from a working day to a glamorous night. I'm personally imagining myself with a tan, my battered black keds, a bright red lip and the hot orange silk shift dress on a warm summers night! I'm kinda into that clash! I'm hopefully off to London tomorrow (I say hopefully because I'm horribly ill again, with crossed fingers it's not anything worth worrying about!!!) en route to Hong Kong, where I will be picking up some of Nocturnes gorgeous pieces to do a little shoot in old Hong Kong town when I arrive and am reunited with my fiance/ photographer!!! I apologize for the lack of posts in between now and then, but as I said, I am sans photographer and good general health!!! I hope you are all better than me, and enjoying your week! I'm excited to be well again and shooting in Hong Kong... This time I refuse to be sick, and imagery from Hong Kong shall flood my blog! :) Love and love xx

Visit Nocturne @ www.nocturne.co.uk


prostokate said...

totally agree with you Zoey!
I'm def a fan of red lips and bright silk dresses this summer. You read my mind :)

Hope you will feel better asap and wish you good luck in HK!! I hope to be the 1-st who will get a piece of DISCO PONY ;)
btw, when is yr b-day?

have a nice day

Make Shift Model said...

Aww thanks so much Kate! You are the best! :)
I'm so glad you will be purchasing some Disco Pony, I'm so excited to see you in it too! It will look amazing!
My birthday is April 17th! Not far off! eeep...getting old!!!! :) Hope your well, lots of love xx

Tereza Anton said...

Red lips all the way cuz I'm a disco girl.

prostokate said...

Thank you, look forward my fitting time for wearing DISCO PONY. Am sure I will promote it across Odessa fashionistas:)

guess we in the same age, must say 25 - it's that period which probably have the best moments - when you are beautiful and have an expirience and still have a lot of energy for everything!! Enjoy it like you do, girl :)

Safe travel to London.
Hope to be there this summer


celin said...