Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mais Oui!

Straw Boater, H&M, Striped Ruffle Shirt, ASOS (Very old!), Shorts, (customized) ZARA, Wedges, HK Boutique, Belt, Vintage, Clutch, Tory Burch
This outfit made it into Chictopia's Style Gallery!

Happy weekend allllll!!!! Yaaaay! And what a beautiful one it is!!! At last, the rain has stopped (for now!) and the sun is back in full force! Here is some more in-casa shots from the week-o-rain! I'm quite distraught by my purple looking legs in these shots, but hey hooo! What can ya do! (I refuse to photoshop them!!!!) I'm up in the mountains rather close to France right now... Having a bit of Spanish fam time with Albert and his grandpapies! I thought a French theme seemed quite appropriate! We managed to take a couple of snaps before the festivities began today in the sunshine... (It's Albert's grandpa's Saints day!), I shall get those up asapsss! :) I hope your all having an amazing weekend whatever you are doing. Love and love, thanks for the continuous support and comments, every comment makes me smile so much! :))) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu



Buah, qué estilazo.

Un muaaaaaak.

Natalie Suarez said...

this is too cute! i love it! :)



Visala said...

lovely shirt!!!!

Kristie said...

Amazing! I love how those shorts are rolled up so they show a little bit of the inside pockets! Also that is such an amazing blouse. I can't get over how beautiful it is.

Make Shift Model said...

Thanks so much guys! Such sweet comments, as ever! :))) Hope your having a lovely weekend xxx

Sanja said...

Your style is great! I love this look!

Love, Sanja

AMINTA said...

Wow!! Love this look... I still remember your first day at Chictopia & now you RULE ( I knew it )
Congrats!! :) Great job.

Allie said...

Great outfit!
xx Allie

Kaera said...

LOVE this outfit!!
Xo, K.

michelle said...

such a cute outfit :)

The Dress Up Corner

Ann Marie M. said...

I am a brand new follower although I have to say you are so stunning!Love this outfit!

Chelsealauren said...

Oh dear Lord, you're adorable!

And I am so incredibly jealous of this ensemble!

Anonymous said...

lovely post...I totally love this outfit!


Baby Budget Blog said...

This outfit is just too adorable. Every piece is great! Love the striped blouse, the paperbag waiste shorts, the belt, the hat, the love love!

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