Friday, 18 March 2011

What The Block!

Straw Boater Hat, H&M, Mustard Ruffle Sleeve Shirt, BCBG, Coral Mini Skirt, Topshop, Grey Wedges, HK Boutique, Sharks Egg Purse, Vintage
This look made it into Chictopia's Style Gallery! Yay! :)

 Amidst all the rain last week, Albert and I ditched the street, and just did some in house shoots! I'm not usually a fan, I'm too spoiled with the sun out here... but what can you do when it won't stop raining!!! I decided to go bright and bold with this outfit... It's so refreshing to be able to douse oneself in colour after all the muted tones of last year. Colour blocking used to really annoy me, I'm not exactly sure why, but I think if you can make it your own, and add some texture to your colour, then it's kinda fun! I think there is something about a lot of flat colours that disturbs me a bit... I felt the ruffles on this shirt, and the ridges of the skirt switch up the blocking a tad, so I can deal with it!!! I'm insanely excited for the weather to be just right for all-day-bare-legs, so I can get the little dresses, skirts and shorts out all full time, not just for shoots and semi days!
Suns out now... I'm so tired right now though, I'm ignoring it for today!!! Hope your all happy and lively :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Monica McCoy said...

Beautiful Zoey! My mom has the SAME black hard purse...don't know how to describe it...where did you get it? Hers is reallllly old. Kissess



Lovely outfit...beautiful pictures and post!

Cara said...

Love the yellow and pink together! You look fabulous...and well done for house shots-your home looks lovely!
xo Cara

Anonymous said...

Zoey! I really love the pictures and the ambient you are creating. All my congratulations!!!! Mel

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

the interiors are so pretty! this must be your place? the colors are amazing, your top is so adorable in style, I love the whole outfit!

Kristie said...

You look great! The colors are so nice and the top looks amazing with that skirt and those shoes.

Natalie Suarez said...

so so cute! wow, your house looks stunning! i can't wait to see it in person! u look wonderful too. love the colors mixed here! :)



Dominika V. said...

Love your skirt and shoes!
Amazing outfit!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots! I live in San Francisco and as much as I want to believe that the gloomy weather doesn't directly affect 99% of my closet, I use the rainy day excuse to justify all the black/grey/cozy layering pieces in it. You've inspired me to pop in some color for my trip to LA this week - it's pouring their, too but I'll have to make it fun ;)

tiptoes said...

What a beautiful, bold combination.
You pull it off so well.

Hamza Guelmouss said...

Great colors, keep it cool and stylish Zoey ;)

Anonymous said...

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