Thursday, 17 March 2011


White Embellished Top, Disco Pony Reworked, Black Sequin Shorts, Disco Pony (testers), Black Wedge Peep Toes, ASOS, Black Fedora, Vintage
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Hey ho y'all! I have to seriously apologize for the long absence... I've been umming and ahhhing about a few design alterations for the sequin shorts collection... That, and it's literally been raining for a solid week, and I'm just no good at rain shots! (maybe one day!) We took these on the last day of sun we have seen for a while, but I didn't want to put them up, as I decided they needed a lot of changes to make them the shorts of mon dreams! Firstly, in these shots, the shorts have been taken up about 2 whole inches... (you can probably make out the tiny gold pins at the hems!). I basically went back to the drawing board and re designed them into paper bag wasted shorts... I love it when you can make the shorts fit however you like by cinching it with a good belt... I'm still thinking over the hemming, whether they should be turn ups or not? Ideas? These shorts will come in some amazing colours and prints (all sequin!). I have to go back to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks to get some more of my designs made up, and to have these re-made. Hopefully, I will be having a lot more luck health wise, and can do some shoots out there! I've noticed the rain has been all over the world this week... I hope wherever you are, you have avoided it and are all happy and well!!!

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Cara said...

Love the sequin! And as always, love your photos...
xo Cara

Kristie said...

Love the shorts! Awh, I won't be back in HK yet when you go! Have fun in Thailand though and hope you have better health-luck in HK this time!

Emi P. said...

I absolutely adore your shorts !
And wedges !


Emi P. said...

Thank you for your comment !
You will find a lot wide leg trousers in different shops similar to new look in London !
I had no idea you make your own clothes. I hoped i could buy somewhere those shorts :(
But congrats their great !!


Tereza Anton said...

You've been missed :)
You look lovely.

Natalie Suarez said...

LOVE IT! u look so stunning. those shorts are amazing! :)



Paige Wilkins said...

these are beautiful images! and do love those shorts!!
wow Hong Kong amazing, how long are you spending there?


prostokate said...

Lovely shorts!
Good luck in HK this time and have a great time in Tailand to celebrate yr b-day!!
Take care

Jackie said...

lovely outfit! the shorts are amazing!


Magda said...

i'm so glad that i found you! you have a great style, i will follow you :)

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

Congratulations on the feature! You are indeed a beautiful lady, the white tank top on the shorts went perfect!!