Friday, 18 March 2011

100 Gorgeous You's!

Black Fedora, Zara, Black Pleather Jacket, Disco Pony- Reworked, Silk Pink Shorts, Topshop, Wedges, ASOS

I was meaning to put these up on the day, the moment I reached 100 of you beautiful things as followers, but that day never came (well, that moment passed without me realizing, and turned into 101,2,3,4,5!!!) I want to say a huuuge thank you to all my beautiful followers, and especially to the avid commenters and readers who make me smile so much with all the encouragement! You make doing this so much more fun! I love reading all your blogs, they are pretty much amazing, and give me heaps of inspiration! I should throw a thank you out there to Albert, my photographer, you are AMAZING BALLS! (I feel like I'm giving a Golden Globe speech right now! Spew! I have to stop this right now!) .... Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you! For giving me your time and encouragement, I really, really do appreciate it a whole lot! I'm trying to make a 100 sign with my hands there by the way, I'm not giving the finger!!! This jacket is a recent Disco Pony Reworked piece which I have studded out Rock Star Style! I hope you like it... You can have one too soon if you do! :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu aka Amazing Balls!!!


Kristie said...

Awesome jacket!! The studs are amazing. <3

Jessica said...

i love your outfit!
it is pretty and bold.
hahah i love your 'golden globe' speech. it's cute.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

your Jacket rocks gosh!! you're lucky on Albert=) life is but the beautiful photographs,,,,I can live that.=)

Tereza Anton said...

Congratulations! There will be many more on the way :)

prostokate said...

What a cool jacket!!
Zoey am sure you will have a long queue waiting to get jacket made by you!!

Congrats, dear!