Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Because Thrifting Can Be A Nightmare!

Hello you lovely things! I wanted to do a little thrifting-interlude section whilst I take a quick Thrifty breather to concentrate on Disco Pony- This was going to be in 4 more looks, but I am literally swamped in Disco Pony sequins and, well, an entire Disco Pony business who's life depends completely on moi! (One more week until I can show you the sneak peeks!!! EEEP! :) During my Thrifting phase, Albert's been quite astonished at the super quick transformations of my grandma-esque night gown finds into hot little numbers, and we thought it a nice idea that I share with you some super-quick and easy tips on making that eek-find a chic-find! Let me first start off with the number one necessity in thrift store bargain hunting... and this is in fact your hand, and it's ability to cinch an item at the waist. This is the numreo uno rule to effortlessly understanding a garments potential! Try it with anything you find remotely attractive, but is perhaps 10 times too big for you! Just wrap your hand around the waste and let it hang... Gather it up to the length you might prefer (if you see a shorter length potential) and I guarantee you will straight away see how much more beautiful it looks with some shape/as a mini/midi version. This brings me to number two... A BELT! Yes! This is what will keep you from having to retain hand in said position when you actually wear it! Get a really good belt that buckles up super tight, so if you do decide to wear that maxi as a mini, it will stay this way as you prance about! The blue polka dot button up dress (Far left, bottom) is actually down to my ankles (It looks pretty awful sans belt let me tell you!!!) A belt also opens up the possibility of what the garment's function actually might be! For example... the yellow dress I am wearing in my second shoot is in fact...wait for it... A SKIRT!!! Gotcha didn't I!?! And there you were, thinking it was a dress!!!! ;) So... the belt is the basic rule in transformation. (Hence I wear it with everything!) My next trick is pretty obvious... but it makes the biggest difference, and that is a HAT! I honestly believe there is no better accessory than a good hat! I don't know exactly why, but it instantly "cools" up an outfit! If that is possible?!! Cool...up?! Hat's are just the best, and I shall leave it at that! Trick Number three... TUCK IT IN! I think I ranted on about this when I first started my blog... Clothes have 100 x the potential when you can tuck them in... shirts, tops, jumpers, anything you can think of... (minus crop tops... that wouldn't work at all- unless you wanted to look like you had cramps... actually, this could be a good excuse maker!!!?!) If you see an amazing shirt, then you put it on, and look like an uncool mum (I won't say mine, because she is of course the coolest- even though she has no idea!) then grab your fave pair of high wasted anything, and tuck, tuck, tuck away!!! SEE! It looks amazeballs right!!! Okay, I shall stop now... I hope this was semi inspiring/helpful! When I finish the series I will rant a bit about what to look for in the endless mounds of stuff you will find in a thrift store! Disco Pony update and sneak peak SOON! Hope you guys are amazeballs... you are, I know that... I don't even need to hope! Happy Tuesday :) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Kalina said...

gorgeous outfits! beautiful colthes!

greetings from

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Great outfits! and also great insight into the world of thrifting ;)


la tiquismiquis said...

oh love these pictures. you look simply beautiful. <3

la tiquismiquis

Allie said...

great tips! i was surprised to find out that yellow dress was really a skirt! & i agree, tucking in tops makes them look 100x better!
xx Allie

NİNO said...

ohh la laa... like like like:)

Stylised Dialogue said...

haha you are hilarious. Very helpful post and you look lovely :) I actually struggle to pick a fave outfit. xx


Cara said...

I am just getting into thrifting, so thank you for all of these amazing tips! Your outfits have been super inspiring ;)
xo Cara

Caroline Josephine said...

Came over here from iFB and wow! Your blog is gorgeous! You've defiantly caught my eye and I will try to stop back when I have more time :)

According to Annika said...

Seriously honey. I sort of don't even want to comment your blog because I feel like a smitten fourteen year old girl who's writing a love letter to her boyband crush. I mean my frickin goooooooooood!!!! You're so unbelievably beautiful and gorgeous and brilliant and funny and smoking hot hot hot hot hot! How do you live with yourself?! OK, I'll stop now before you block my ip address or something.

I thought I had read all of the thrifting tips out there already, but yours where completely original and extremely helpfull. I shouldn't be surprised, of course someone as stylish as you would have the advice I never heard and most definitely needed. THANK YOU! I did already know that I need more hats. I actually think I do have a bunch somewhere that got lost in all the mess when we moved to our house, they should be in one of the many many boxes I still haven't gotten around to unpacking... hmmmm... I mean it's only been, what, a year and a half since we moved. Sigh.

The green-ish print high wasted pants are the most well-fitting, awesomest pants I've ever seen. It makes my heart ache that I'll never ever wear them.

Can't wait til the Disco Pony sneak peak!!!!!!!

Tons and tons and tons of stalkerish love,
According to Annika

cla-sib said...

you are such a gorgeous girl, like your outfits..

xx claudia

Cee said...

I'm always on the hunt for clever thrifting tips, because in spite of my best efforts, I simply lack sikills :( The fact that I'm very petite doesn't help, but that belt tip is absolutely brilliant- and sure to help in my particular case! Thanks for sharing these, I'm definitely taking a belt along next time I go thrifting- it's bound to make a difference :)