Monday, 2 May 2011

Disco Pony Takes to The Barcelona Streets

(Wearing: Natalie Suarez: Disco Pony Gold Sequin Shift Dress, JCrew Flats & Zara Camel Coat. Me: Disco Pony Holey Vest with Safety pin detail, AA Black Leggings, ASOS Slash Leather Jacket, H&M Straw Hat, H&M Dusty Pink Blazer, Acne Wedges)

Maaaahhhhhjooorrrrr catch up time necessary, and a billion apologies for the silence over the past week... I posted up the "Disco Pony iphone clip" I'd mentioned in the elevator mid week, but I realised this might be the only thing I put up for a few days, and I simply cannot bear poor quality imagery to be the final thing I post!!! So, I saved it, and shall add it underneath a previous entry! I did let you know what was going on with Disco Pony/HK life in general however, so I feel a bit bad to have taken that down too...Sooo, I shall insert here:
"I forgot to show you guys the little sparkle film! Sorry there's no disco music going on... I've finally gotten my Visa for China sorted out, so I'm scrambling to make sure I've got all my designs, fabric samples and all such goodies organized for the trip! Not enough time to add some funky beats sadly! Perhaps I will shimmy some in for you when I'm done being a headless chicken covered in sequins!!!
In other news, I managed to fall asleep over the Easter break in the mega hot sunshine and as a consequence I look like a rainbow, starting at my white factor 50'd face... and ending in the incredibly painful, but oh so "now" fuchsia pink belly!!! It's this weird random stripe of pain where I just completely missed the whole putting sun screen on thang!!! I'm most shocked at my lack of responsibility... highly unlike me I must say! Let's hope this is a first and last!!! I hope you have all had such a relaxing break you fell asleep (with sunblock on) in some lovely sunshine!!! More posts up soon, no crop tops shots for a week I'd say though!!!" - update... burn now weird stripey brown mess! Further update: Back now COMPLETELY COVERED in a stunning array of gnat bites... looking somewhat like bacne. Great! I guess I have ruled myself out of wearing the backless Disco Pony sequin dress in black for the lookbook! agh stressss!!!
I have tooo many things to update you with, but for now I shall leave you with this little film Natalie and I made when she was out in Barcelona. Ohhh I MISS HER SO MUCH! We had heeeeeaps of fun making this film... I wish SO bad she was out here in HK with me so I could borrow her modeling genius for Disco Pony, and just hang out- more to the point!!! China hasn't happened quite yet, I had a few last minute tasks to get done, so I'm not withholding any news on that! I am withholding something keep an eye out for that bit of gossip!!! I better stop rambling now, thought I kinda don't want to... I CRAVE to be posting so much more than I am, but the weather out here is a weeeeirrrd foggy, humid, hot mess kinda thing... not so good for pictures... It's set to last though, so I better get creative, and soon!
I hope you amazing blogieeeees are all well and happy and doing things to make you all so! I'm so excited for all your input, it's such an honor to have you all here with me in blogland, helping me through my Disco Pony Hong Kong adventure! I couldn't do it without you!

Film by Albert Dedeu


alannah. said...

love this little film! the music you put with it is perfffffect. love the way natalies dress just spatkles, perfect filter on the cam. loving your look too lady.hope you get everything done in time!x

Kathleen said...

aww the film was really SO lovely. i adore the cute sweet song too that went along with you gorgeous girls strolling around. i definitely adoree that disco pony sequin dress on Natalie! she rocked it so well :). and of course u're always so chic Zoey! :)
keep making these cute films, loove them! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Visala said...

lovely music! and i really like the way you captured the details of the garments!

savvas.yennaris said...

just love it! i love the nostalgic and romantic vibe of it! and the song is lovely! you both look great! and not to mention how much i adore barcelona! i visited it once and i always wanna go back and live there!

greetins from cyprus,xxx

claudia said...

the vid is pretty nice and so it is your outfit
btw i love natalie's glitter dress, the way she wears it makes this sparkling piece perfect for a day outfit


Jlo said...

Amazing video! :D Love how she bring helfself in the video, sweet & au naturel :D Am following your blog now,look forward for more fashion update ;) I would be more than happy if you could do the same for my blog!! :D


LADY REBEL said...


Diana said...

i adore this!! i saw it on natalie's blog and had to check your site out!! i am so in love with this dress you designed its incredible as is your blog :) definitely your newest follower!! can't wait to see more :)

hope you'll visit me soon :) xo

Vale ♥ said...

Hello, I came here from IFB from your message, glad I did it cause your blog is lovely, you have an amazing and unique style, I love all your shoes ! Deffo following :)...check out my blog and follow back if you like it ! Love, Vale

Cara said...

SO cute, I love this film! You two look gorgeous, and I love the way this has been edited...great music choice too ;)
xo Cara

Estelle Pigault said...

Love this movie and this dress!Good luck xx