Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nostalgic Filler

Wearing: Zara Hat, Berskha Jacket, H&M Tee, Vintage Necklace, Denim Cut offs (Old Zara) House of Holland Tights, H&M wedges

So, all that Editing of the Barcelona film got me even more nostalgic for those beautiful, grungy, summer days spent with Albert filming and being completely lazy and completely creative all at once... I miss those days so much... I miss being all rough and European lookin'! I miss our beach, and our dog... and I miss my dark, dark hair! Gah, I'm so beyond over my ombre'd ends!!! For all these reasons I had to look back on the first little film me and Albert made around our neighborhood, and I know I've already put it up, but I needed to remind myself of who I was before all this crazy, but good, but crazyness of creating Disco Pony in Hong Kong happened! Don't get me wrong, I love it here in HK, and it's a good thing too, because, as I mentioned I had some news, well, we are moving out here for a year! Crazy! Life takes you on some crazy rides... and this is one I'm jumping in head first for! If you havnt already watched this little video, please do! It's so romantic, and soft, and summery! I love the way Albert shoots films, he is amazing. He spent all night one night editing it for me, so when I opened my eyes in the morning, I had this lovely film of our day on our beach playing on the pillow next to me! It was a surreal, gorgeous moment! :)
Woah, I'm being tres soppy! Sorrrrry! I'm just feeling completely and utterly nostalgic! If you hadn't noticed! I hope you are all well... In fashion news, I found the most WONDERFUL vintage store in Mong Kok, tucked away behind the very end of the Ladies Market. I spent a good 2 hours boiling away rummaging through the millions upon millions of incredible things... I managed to get 6 of the most amazingly gorgeous pieces I have ever owned in my life (Asides my Disco Pony Dress obv!!! hehe) all for the equivalent of 25 Euros! I am SOOOO excited to shoot them all for you... I think you will love so much, you shall all move to HK just to go and rummage there!!! Right, it's bed time! I hope you are all as wonderful as you are! I will make so sure to do some shoots this weekend... I feel like a failed blogger now I'm so busy with Disco Pony... But trust me, it will all be worth it! :) xx

Film by Albert Dedeu


--Sanam-- said...

Awesome look, I love your bold red lipstick :) & wow, only 25 euros! That sure is cheap :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

prostokate said...

oh dear, your pictures from that video are the best!!!
I love them soooo much!!!!
And this video makes me feel so romantic at the moment...
I support you in HK and absolutely sure that you will do everything what you have planed here!!!
Kiss and hug you very very much!!!

alessandra nitti said...

amazing pics dear!

xoxo wonderfashionista

la tiquismiquis said...

you are incredibly gorgeous. i love the film. thanks for posting it. :)

la tiquismiquis

annah. said...

i love these photos, so chic!

Annah xx

Kalina said...

great look! I like it so much! gorgeous tights!

greetings from

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've just started following you blog and love your style :)
Your effortless charm is ridiculously envious.
Seeing as you're moving here (I live in HK too!) I might as well share my secret vintage store with you :)
It's in the Central/ MId levels area and is called "Select 18".
Conrats on the move! We're blessed to have such a great addition as you :)

Natalie Suarez said...

LOVE YOU BABE! looking stunning as always. love these images and the video is of course totally AMAZEBALLS!



Make Shift Model said...

Thanks guysss! :)
Omgosh, "sit" that message was so unbelievably sweet and kind, and it made my day! Thank you so much! I wanted to send you a personal message, but your profile isn't working... let me know where i can find you! xx

Cheryl said...

I started following your blog awhile back after linking you from another fashion blogger and i have to say that i ABSOLUTELY love your style and photos.

I go to hong kong very often as well (i am going to be there on the 7th as a matter of fact!!) and agree that there are so many secret finds at mongkok, if you bother to look through them. Would love to trade secrets with you(:

Make Shift Model said...

hi Cheryl!
What a sweet message! How exciting you will be in HK soon! I was just looking through your blog, and thought you would be really interested to see my next million and one posts, seeing as you like to find a bargain! I went back to the vintage store today and picked up 21 things for literally 30 euros! And they are all AMAZING and im so excited to wear everything, I'm sad I have to wash it all first!!!! I would love to do some HK shopping trade offs with you, absolutely! :) xx

Cheryl said...

I tried to email you via your blogger profile.. But it didnt work! But here's what i said:

Hello zoey!

I actually don't really blog, just something i started very recently to have somewhere to write on and of course to express some of the views that i have. But there is a lack of opportunities to dress up and take gorgeous photos haha.

Anyway, i would love to meet up and check out the vintage store you mentioned if you don't mind. I may not get internet access when i am in hong kong, so it would be good if you can let me know if you are interested through email/facebook and i could drop you my hong kong number and we can contact each other via text!

This is my facebook page:


Cara said...

Love the video! So fun...and those tights are look gorgeous!
xo Cara

Belle de Couture said...

Great shots! Love your look! :)


Ale. said...

I loved the video, so pretty! The music added a really cool touch too. Barcelona ♥


SeƱorita said...

Fabulous photos... Love the first two :)

Karin said...

Zoey these images are so incredibly beautiful...the feel if the come from a movie...and they make me quite nostalgic...the tights are divine xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry about the lack of profile but it's just a school email account. I use Posterous, not blogger.
I'm glad it made you happy! Your blog makes my day every morning :)

You can find me at:
Can't wait to see more posts from you! They're the perfect way to relax after a tiring day :)

Make Shift Model said...

You are the sweetest thing ever! Thank you sooo much for saying that! Wow, so truly lovely! I've just been reading your blog, i love it! And I shall continue perusing when I have finished trying to do a bazillion things at once! Harrrrd work is this doing a business solo!!!
Thanks for sending me the link! :)
I shall put your comment up at my will keep me going when my eyes are closing and i want to sleep!!! XX

Dirt and Diamonds said...

UMMMMM can I just say always!!!!Can't wait to see all your vintage finds, I'm sure they are incredible!! Have a fabulous weekend doll!

xx Kelli

AMINTA said...

Yay!! I would love to wear one of your designs ....
When are you coming back to Spain??.... All the good vibes to you!!!
Kisses darling ;D

Jeans Please! said...

I love sets like this! <3

Hostess torino said...

blog is presented in a nice way!!
nicely written!! I loved the video, so pretty! The music added a really cool touch too. Barcelona ♥ I love them soooo much!!!!
And this video makes me feel so romantic at the moment...
I support you in HK and absolutely sure that you will do everything what you have planed here!!!
Kiss and hug you very very much!!! Good
Blog is interesting and motivated me a lot!! thanks for sharing this post so much...