Sunday, 17 July 2011

Disco Pony has arrived on the blog!

Disco Pony Lookbook AW/11

The Natalie Gold

 Hello Sunday bunnies! Sooooo, I'm kind of having some website issues for Disco Pony, BUT, I have decided to put it all up on my blog in the meantime! This means you can pre-order as you would on the website, just without the pleasure of the page clicks and links and whatnot!!! You still get to see the entire AW/11 sparkle fest, so it's certainly not the end of the world right!!!
I reallllly, reallllllyyyyyy hope you like it! My heart and soul have gone into this first collection... many pieces have been taken out, as they were more summer appropriate... these shall all be worked on some more, and I will continue to update the collection until the next one is out! (Which I am VERY excited about- I'm talking a really interesting take on leathers and silks... you will LOVE, promise!!!)
Right now we are in the "Spanish Hamptons" for the weekend with some friends, where we have a summer house, and I can honestly say it has been the most extreme last couple of days... think relaxing versus STRESS FACE, the most beautiful, relaxing environment with the most stressful things going on in my achey head! This is not to say I havn't squeezed every last bit of relaxingness I can out of the calm moments! We have been eating the most incredible food all weekend, paired with beautiful wines for every meal, snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, and jumping off rocks into the ocean... aaaand typically I have not taken one photo of all these delights! I really must start to document more! It's our last weekend here for a long time before we hit Asia again... I'm going to miss this place (S'agaro) so so much. Just as I decide to put the old blogger Zo into action and get to documenting, the rain starts!!! I actually avoided outfit shots yesterday as I assumed the weekend would be spent in bikinis solely, so I went just wearing the outfit I posted last! Woops! It's always useful to pack at least two outfits! hahha! Lesson learned (kinda!)
So, back to the Disco Pony Pony! Quick web update... It would seem somebody has stolen the name from under my nose and renamed their tumblr blog DISCO PONY... this is pretty crappy, but such is the life of the internet... nothing is safe! I have tried writing to her/him, but to no avail... So, if you do google search Disco Pony and you get a tumblr first, well... it has nothing whatsoever to do with the real Disco Pony! The other site you might find is the .com, this isn't mine either :( I wasn't so upset though, because I thought there would be at least a couple of Disco Pony's out there when I first came up with the name and searched all combinations. His site is not fashion related, and he seems like a nice guy, so I fret not about this one!
I hope you are all happy Sunday bunnies! If you want to check out the Disco Pony line, click here, or on the "Shop Disco Pony" tab at the top of my blog! Love and love xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Anonymous said...

Hiya! How long does it take for it to be ready? As i understand its a preorder?

Michelle Lee said...

love sequins :)

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Ohhh hooow exciting!!! :D
I can't wait for the day to have my own collection!! <3333
I looove leather and silk, CAN'T WAIT TO SEE! :D
Oh no, >.< That sux @ someone stealing your Disco Pony for their tumblr. :/ Hate when people do that.
I looove how you named the colors, "Brilliant Black" and "Gorgeous Gold" :D♥
My fav is SILVER SURFER!! SOOO COOOL!!! Looove sequenced jackets <3333 soo fuuun :D

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Hey anon... It would take two months. It's a winter collection so would be ready in good time for autumn! Any questions please email me @ If you click on the shop disco pony tab I have a couple of pages about ordering etc!

AMINTA said...

Wooow, woow & super wow!! The whole collection looks amazing Zoey ... what a great job! :) You rock <3

Lizzie said...


So happy and excited for you doll, everything is gorgeous!


Kookie B. said...

This dress is PURE gorgeousness! Oooh, I want one!!!