Monday, 18 July 2011

The Most Beautiful Girl Surfing Those Silver Sequins Disco Pony Style!

Stunning, amazing Annika in The Silver Surfer by Disco Pony
The Disco Pony 'Silver Surfer' made it into Chictopia's Style Gallery! Yeah woooo!!!

Errr, is this not the most beautiful girl you have ever seen EVER?! Aaaand she's in DISCO PONY too! Let me introduce one of my all time favorite people in all the lands Annika of According To Annika. I am literally so proud and happy to see her rocking out my Disco Pony 'Silver Surfer' on the streets of Brooklyn... only my all time favorite place in the whole wide world! This is where the first ever Disco Pony store must be!!! It is decided! And Annika has made up my mind 100 billion percent! If you don't already read her insanely wonderful blog, then I have no doubt that after this post, you shall all leave me and become her biggest fans! Please dont leave me!!! Love us both!!! Make sure to go check out her blog and her Disco Pony post too! Eeek, I can't tell you how exciting it is to see somebody actually wearing your designs! And so well too! What a feeling! Thank you Annika! I love you :) xx


Coralie said...

Yeah I've seen it on her blog and I have to say this jacket is perfect, where can I buy it ?! Thanks !


Emily said...

Ah! Disco Pony in action!!
Lovely lovely.
I still can not wait to wear one to prom:)
dawson' is in the making.

Nanangel said...

Thx for the information...

Cecylia said...

wow she is adorably stunning! Loving those lips! And the sequinned jacket of course :D
Come follow my blog hun :)

Natalie Suarez said...

SO SO CUTE! loves it! miss u zoey :)



Kate said...

The jacket looks amazing on her, although pretty much everything does!

AMINTA said...

I love Annika too!! She is so styling and an amazing writer ! What a great mix.. Annika + Disco Pony ..yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Kotryna said...


Kotryna said...

You are so gorgeous!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Oh wow,the silver surfer looks great on her! :D
I have not heard of her blog, and gonna check it out :)

And thanks for visiting my blog and your awesome comment! It made me go LOL and smile! And yes, you can have my legs lol, I'M A TWIN! ;) LOL
And you welcome! :)

According to Annika said...

Well YOU are the one who made it all happen Zoey baby! You were with me every second of that sweaty, sparkly Brooklyn night that I wished would never end. You're the most amazing creature in this world. I hope you know that.

Shels415 said...

Wow she is very lovely & you created the blazer?! I have been looking for sequined blazer ever since I saw the cover of Neiman Marcus.

Please email me info on how to grab one of these babies!