Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Grey Wedges:Acne, Black Fedora: Vintage, White Shirt: Thrifted, Black Maxi dress (worn as skirt) Asos, Brown Leather Bag: Mulberry Alexa

So this is it I guess :( This is goodbye to my lovely little Barcelona house full of memories by the beach with the love of my life and our doggy. I can't honestly believe I have slept for the last time in our bed, and woken up for the last time to the sounds of our street. I'm staring at the last remaining things to pack, and reallly don't want to do it. I wish we could keep this little place and all the memories we have made on and off for the past 6 years, but such is life... onwards and upwards we go! We had a "See you later" dinner last night with some of our friends... most of whom I hadn't seen since before we left for Hong Kong, so it was a fly by hello and goodbye... I am going to miss everything about Barcelona, my friends, the smells, the beach, the ramblas, our neighbourhood, the lifestyle, the food, the late, late dinners... waaa, basically everything. But I have to keep telling myself that my Disco Pony baby would die a sad, sad death here in Spain, and thus, so would my heart (Woah, dramatic much!.... hey I'm sad here, just give me this one!!!)
I am sure there will be a great many "Nostalgic Filler" posts to come over the next couple of years while we are away... where I can revel in my nostalgias, and you can all think I am back in Spain again for a minute!!! Thank god we will be coming back to Europe in December... a Hong Kong to Paris to London to Barcelona moment... this will be most welcomed come Christmas I am sure!!!
Right, so enough with my sighs of woe, here is what I wore yesterday (when I wasn't frantically packing of course!) - I actually changed into some cuts offs and a shirt for last nights mini shindig... this outfit would have been far more evening appropriate, but what can I say, I'm a bit backwards!!! (I actually used to wear my clothes inside out and back to front when I was 16!!! hahaha!)
Right babies, I hope you are all happy things, not having to pack up your house and move country AGAIN to the third country in a year! But if you are... then good luck, it will all be amazing! (I'm clearly just talking to myself right now!!!) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Love the shoes! :)
lol @ you being a bit backwards, it's ok :)
And awww at you leaving Barcelona :/
But it's great you'll be back in December! :D Just in TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
Which I'm sure will be special! <3

P.s-Hope you have a safe trip. ^^

KINGA said...

love your shoes! xx,Kinga.

prostokate said...

Good luck, Zoey!

It's quite sad to realize that you have to moove to HK and you'll be away from home, but - your home is where you feel happy, so am sure you will rich a big success with your Disco Pony!!

P.S. I saw your brand-book - amazing thing, pictures are so beautiful because of you, Disco Pony and the lights of picture!! Special thanks to Albert ;)

So, babe,safe trip, take care
and look forward your new posts and pictures!
Some day, that gold "Natalie" dress I will wear and be very proud that it was made by Zoey !!


la tiquismiquis said...

you look wonderful! <3

la tiquismiquis

Pats Krysiak said...

What a bitter sweet feeling right? You're right though, such is life! I've moved from Warsaw to Toronto to Lima... back to Toronto and soon to be Lima. GAH! I have a feeling of how you feel right now. Best of luck in HK. I'm about to order something from Disco Pony! The collection is fab! x

Caroline Josephine said...

I understand your feels all too well~ but you will be with your loves and you will be doing what you want and you will be happy. Nostalgia is fun sometimes even ;)

Kate said...

Beauuuuutiful outfit! Those shoes are gorgeous!

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

I love you all, my lovely readers! Thank you for your kind words and luck :) xxx

eloiselabetise said...

Love your wedges and your skirt! xxx

SoFashionistica said...

I'm sure Barcelona will miss you too! But don't worry the memories will last forever.

Meisha.Style said...

love these two photos!!!

Katie said...

Hi Zoey! I'm pretty new to the world of blogging and just discovered your blog a little while ago and have been absolutely LOVING it!!!! You have amazing style, great personality, and are so beautiful I absolutely can not wait to be able to purchase some of your disco pony designs (esp. that sequined blazer!!)