Friday, 22 July 2011

If Only My Legs Were As Long and Skinny As Their Shadows!

Black Fedora: Vintage, Scarf: Berskha, Salmon Blazer: H&M, Green Cut off's Thrifted Kenzo, Studded Crop Top: Customized H&M, Wedges: Old Zara

I never put this little post up! Mainly because I hated 99.9% of the pictures (Hence the title!), but also because I feel sad at my massacre job on these beautiful Kenzos that I thrifted in Hong Kong. Oh god, they were so beautiful...and I, erm, quite literally hacked them into micro shorts, whilst they were on my body!!! hahaha! So, well... yes, the result is rather reveling in fact... Lucky my blazer covers up my derrière just enough to not cause offense!!! 
These shorts are now only beach appropriate... I hope when I get back to Hong Kong (currently stationed in my half way house... aka mums in England!) I can find scavenge out another gorgeous pair of hyper green floral Kenzos!!!
Don't you just wish your legs looked like they do in the shadows!!!?? Or maybe your legs look like this anyway! If so, then LUCKY! Let's not meet, ever!!! ;)
My next post I have decided will be on the highs and lows of my Disco Pony...ermmmm, Pony! He gallops, so it only makes scientific sense that there are ups and downs on him! I wonder if I should name him, or if his name should just be Disco!?! Thoughts?!!! Anyway, I think it only fair that this blog showcase it all... the ups and the downnnnsssss! There are many of both, and I want to take you all with me on this adventure!!!
I really love you gorgeous things you know... I love the lovely little notes you leave me, they brighten me up all the way through, and out at the ends of my toes! So thank you! :)
Photography by Albert Dedeu


claudia said...

love the look! what a shame what happened to your shorts, they are amazing so it is the top which completes the outfit and moreover makes it special


Pats Krysiak said...

Awwww the shorts! Well, like you said... they can be beach shorts! I tried to do the "bleach dip" look with a pair of shorts and.... I should have studied chemistry better... the bleaching didn't turn out as planned :-( Oh well!
That's great that you'll share the ups and downs of disco pony! How cool!


Fashionable Unicorn said...

I love your outfit! You're so pretty and your outfit is goregous :)

Natalie Suarez said...

very cute! i love this blazer :)


janel said...

I love these pictures, I'm glad you still shared them with us. I think the name should be Disco, I love it!

Makena said...

Beautiful photos! I am so sorry about your shorts, but beach shorts are always nice!

thenewyorkerstyle said...

loving this look dear!

Katarina Devine said...

OMG! this outfit is darling! i love the shorts and the jacket!


Coralie said...

I love our outfit ! And your legs :)


annah. said...

loovee the shorts! although, if i had legs even half as long and tiny as yours, i'd die happy..!

Annah xx

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Oh gosh! I looovvveee these photos! They are damn cool and cute <3 I Love how you paired off your studded cropped top with green cut offs that are floral! :D this out fit almost looks random? however, they all compliment each other! GREAT ONE! ♥ oH! I just noticed on the ribbon/scarf around your hat, it has star patterns! Cute! Hence: Randomness :D
-Anna ♥

Claudia said...

you are so stunning.. gorgeous look

xx Claudia

jenjen said...

Love this look, your are so pretty!!
I wish my leg would look like theyy do in the shadows too.
Hate my legs...

eloiselabetise said...

Lovely outfit! Love your blazer, your shorts and your shoes! xxx

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

You are so cute!
LOL @ " Let's not meet, ever!!! ;)"
Maybe you can name it, My Little Disco Pony, that all that came to my mind, because it reminded me of
My Little Pony. ^^

And about your outfit post I love it, and loove the last pic, so cute!
I looove everything you are wearing! That blazer is such a nice color! ♥

Thank you for your comment on my new post, I LOOVED IT & made me HAPPY! :D
You welcome!! ♥♥♥♥!

Ohhh...and I just noticed my twin Anna left a comment! That explains the random LOL. :D

KINGA said...

you look amazing! ;)

Kalina said...

stunning outfit!

AMINTA said...

This little skirt is so pretty!! I wish you all the best in this new life project... It was a pleasure to meet you... will be in touch always!! <3<3 <3