Friday, 8 July 2011

Uncle Sam!

I’ve been getting some really gorgeous emails from readers around the world recently, who are asking about how it feels to travel all over the world, and how much fun it must be to have access to all different types of cultures and fashion. Amidst all the flying and jet lag and working my socks off, I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to be able to do this... It really is an amazing thing to see the ways different cultures value fashion, and all their takes on trends. Some of you lovelies who write to me are from smaller towns, with less access to shops, which can make it really hard to be “on trend” or whatnot... not that this has much importance when it comes to true style... Buuuut, it is always nice to incorporate your take on a trend... it’s what makes your style unique right!?! Blogs are one of the best things to happen to fashion if you ask me... so many incredible unique takes on style and art from all different cultures, all of which would be impossible to know of and see without the internet! Ohhh the internet, what joys you have brought us!
As an online shopping addict, and huge fan of the fact that you can be almost anywhere, and still get anything, one of my all time favorite things to find online is shoes. All you need is one little number! Feet, (once grown) are, probably the one thing that stays the same... for the most part anyway! So I thought id do a quick post on the wonders of internet shopping... and what better way to start than on Sam Edelman shoes?!!! Oh the love! Most precisely for the reason he named one of my favorite of his shoes Zoe... Clearly after me! These beauties are kind of old skool now, but I still totally would!!! One of my favorite places to peruse the collection is, a literal haven of gorgeous things! Their slogan is everyday luxury. As a designer, this, had it not have already been taken would have totally been mine! I love, love LOVE to implement a bit of luxe into everyday... as I have learned so well from the ladies of Advanced Style... “Don’t save it for later”! I'm forever drooling over the beautiful selections and updates on, hopefully one day they will be stocking some Disco Pony pieces to add to the everyday luxe vibe! But for now, I urge you to go swoon over Sam’s shoes on the sites amazing selection! Maybe even treat yourself to some pure delishhh?! Enjooooyyyyy!!! xx


Kalina said...

gorgeous shoes!

Nina Maya said...

swoon!! amazing Love those boots!

N x

Lisa said...

To die for!

Fashionthroughtravel said...

The boots are absolutely amazing!

Maya said...

Very Hot! Your style is great, you know exactly what accessories to pair with an outfit to make it pop.