Thursday, 7 July 2011

Midnight in Paris/ Late Arvo in Barcelona!

Black Fedora: Vintage (With Star print silk scarf: Berskha) Black Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress: Disco Pony Pattern, Brown Leather Chelsea Boots Valverde Del Camino, Sunglasses: Oysho
Leather Chelsea Boots Valverde Del Camino

We just just wandering off to the cinema to see the latest Woody Allen film 'Midnight In Paris', and took the camera to get some snaps of my favorite boots that come off my feet about as much as that hat comes off my head! Anyyyyyway, we kind of forgot the actual memory card, so these pics are round two walk to the cinema! Check out that heel damage at the back...and I have only had them for 2 weeks! They were a gift from my beautiful mother in law just before I left Hong Kong as I was keeping my eye out for a pair just like them, and she remembered she had some! SCORE! Having the same size feet as her is THE BEST! I just looked at the label to let you know where they come from, and they come from a store called Valverde Del Camino... when I found it online, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was the hunting boot of choice for miss Princess Kate Middleton herself! Wait, she's got to have the royal sir-name now right? oh god, what is the royal sir-name? Oh dear... this is tragic... help! I am officially completely un-British now! ANYWAY! Moving rapidly on! This dress has been my live-in tent recently, it was actually just a simple mock up pattern for a much more exciting piece for Disco Pony, but when I realised it's easy-wear potential I moved in! I am now very settled in my new tent!
Albert was rather pleased with the Woody film... he was working with sir Allen himself on Vicky Christina Barcelona a couple of summers ago... It must be quite a nostalgic feeling for him to watch his films now! All I see when I watch his films now is Woody sitting in his trailer tootling away on his clarinet while the film crew run around setting up the shot!
My hat appears to have had a bit of an update... it would honestly never of happened, but I so sadly lost the little belt that went around it somewhere back in England... But I rather like the blue scarf... I should have worn it for July 4th... it's got a very Americana feel to it! Hows all you lovely bunnies? Good? Hope sooo!!!

Photography by Albert Dedeu


la tiquismiquis said...

oh zoey, you look fabulous! :)

la tiquismiquis

fashion suicides said...

Hahaha, I'm counting on it (I'm talkin about the silver bikini :p) !
Loooove those boots (so nice of your mother in law!)! And that hat... OMG!


Caroline Josephine said...

I love how happy you look in the 2nd to last photo. Like you're just out dancing in the street for the hell of it :)

Lino said...

gorgeous dress, you make it look so effortless! much love. xx

celeste said...

those boots are wicked. they look great with this dress.

Karin said...

you are so insanely marvelous, I saw these on chictopia and had to come and see more. I simply adore the jumping image and those boots are great xxx

Paige Whitney said...

I've awarded you with the Lovely Blog Award! ♥

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Ruthie said...

ahhh you know i love a good tent!! put me on the waiting list ok. kiss kiss bunting cake xx

Effingo said...

This outfit is amazing! also love the pics below, they are lovely! x