Monday, 25 July 2011

My Hat & I!

Dear Hat,
 I love you and I would be naked without you! Thank you for sitting on my head so much and making everything look cooler!!! xx
HAT UPDATE! I gave my hat AWAY folks!!! That's love right there!!! I miss him, but I know he is on the head of an equally loving owner!!! Annnndddd, I do indeed have another one... who's fame is imminent!!!

There should really be one billion photos more in this little homage to my hat! But, these are the ones that I am able to access from my computer right this second! You get the picture, if you hadn't already!!!
Wowzies, the thunder on the Costa Brava right now is insanity! I wonder where I will be when I post this?! (England!!!)  I hate the way the photo quality is so bad when I make little boxes like this! It completely changed the colours for the Disco Pony collection... most annoying!
I am about to jump on a lonnnnng haul flight to Hong Kong now... after the WORST nights sleep... I woke up sweltering hot and tried VERY hard to open the windows (they had some sort of child lock on that I found IMPOSSIBLE to function.... hmmmm, what is this saying about me?!!)... only to induce a mahhjor panic attack, of which I tried to resolve by using my favorite Reiss vest top (at that particular point on my being as pj's!) to absorb the frustrated sweat my hands were producing... ANYWAY, It got caught in the stupid lock and ripped! Good times!!! Sooo, wish me luck! I'm going to look HAWT DIGGADY when I land! NOT! ;)
Hope your all well babies!
Love and loveeeee xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Fashionthroughtravel said...

I love your hat!!! I'm sure you're going to miss it, but maybe you'll find an even better one :)

Caroline Josephine said...

OMG YOU GAVE IT AWAY?!??!?!?! Wow, that's true love right there. You'll have to get a new one, not to replace it, but to give your hat love to another deserving hat.

Have a safe flight! Ha! I'm always a hot mess when I land, it's awful!

Lino said...

i have yet to find my hat yet, but it is better to have had a hat and lost, then never to have had a hat at all! hope you find a new hat love soon!

Katie said...

Oh no I loved your hat!!! good luck finding a replacement!

mary louise said...

it's such a cute hat :) i hope the new owner loves it

Dirt and Diamonds said...

hope whom ever has it now looks just as good! looking forward to seeing some Disco Pony! x Kelli

Dirt & Diamonds

Julia Janku said...

That hat is really cute, and in deed it quite makes your outfit complete.
I like your blog.

come check out mine

Blue said...

I love this collage!

Misha said...

Love the hat. I love my fedora, but I realize I need a cool-cat-hat, preferably in black as well. Keep wearing it well, it suits you cutie-pie!

Karin said...

I just discovered your blog and I am convinced you have magic running through your veins...breathtakingly beautiful plus you have the best blog name ever xxx

dusanabotswana said...

awesome photo collage! this hat is great & I loved seeing all the things you wore it with. proof that a good hat goes with many diff looks!