Friday, 22 July 2011

Sometimes Disco Just Don't Go Right!

So last night, I told you guys I would share with you not only the ups, but indeed them downs of Disco the Disco Pony! And trust me, when you are starting out a brand new business, and moving to the other side of the world to do so, there are things, mannnnnyyyyyy things that don't go quite so accordingly!!!
I feel I have been pretty lucky for the best part (touch wood NOW!) Buuuut, there have been hickups... and the one that keeps me awake at night with pure grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is this one!

THIS here is the real Silver Surfer:

And HERE is what my beautiful Annika got: A THOUSAND and BILLION more apologies!

This here is NOT! (Bold, Italic, Underline!!!!)

Now... Annika is erm completely STUNNING, so let's just put that aside for a second and look at the actual Jacket... As gorgeous as she makes it look, this is not anyyyything like my original design. The sequins are all wrong... The colour, the crunchyness, the weight... its ALL WRONG! Luckily it still looks awesome, but its awesome is not awesome enough... not for Disco Pony!!! Oh no no no!

So... WHY you ask has this happened??? Well! Agh, grrrr, I'm getting all hot and bothered just typing this out!
My last week in Hong Kong was hands down one of the most busy, hectic weeks I had... I was supposed to be sending out pieces all over the world, but the pieces were no where to be seen.
Lets rewind a little here... Lets go back, urmmm, one week.
So there I am, in the land of sequins and silks (Let's call this place China! - Coz, that's what it's called!!!) gathering up all my beautiful sequin cloths, when I get to the Silver Sequin lady... who has RUN OUT of my sequins.... GAH, panik... dramaaaa!!! She assures me however in my moment of mortified pallidness that tomorrow there will be more, so I am to take her to my tailor, where she will have some sort of conversation to make sure that the fabric will be in the tailors tomorrow morning... So, I pay her.... FIRST MISTAKE!
The pieces take much, much longer than expected.... and by my last day in the country, I have to find a way to get everything done whilst being on the other side of the world!!!
So, last day = MAYHEMMMM!!!!
I manage to organize everything to the last detail, and hope and pray that there is no problems when the pieces arrive. This almost never happens with samples, so I am hoping BIG here!!!
Now, let me tell you what my dear tailor and the silver sequin fabric lady did with their knowledge of my absence, and the absence of my marching back to China to have words SECOND MISTAKE (I should have just stayed a few more weeks, but this is another story for another time entirely!) ... They...wait for it... SWITCHED THE FABRIC! This is sadly the way things go when you are not around to watch over these things like a hawk... So, when I see the pieces all back in the office over Skype, I try my hardest to put the new colour of the jacket down to "bad reception".... I mean, nothing ever looks like it does in real life on Skype right!!!
I then had a number of nightmares (like actual night time mares... in the night, when you sleep!!!) concerning this issue... of which I could do nothing about, and hoped and prayed that it was solely my imagination and that the jackets would be the perfect sequin explosions that I had so carefully designed!

Well, there is in fact two of these faux Disco Pony jackets out there... Another somewhere in the heart of LA... probably on its way to New York! So, Natalie, you beautiful thing... I hope you can make do, until I can send you the real version... And Annika, you shall be united too with a proper, heavier grungier version of the Silver Surfer soon! And then you shall have TWO! ;)

So the moral of the story! Never leave the country! no, just kidding... Never leave the country mid important over seeing of your brand new fashion line venture!!!! They WILL swindle you, because you are most definitely a tourist who knows naaathing!!!! ;)

In a side note, those of you who ordered and want to order the jacket, I ASSURE you, you shall receive the best version, and not the faux one!!! I promise- I will be there now, and I shall not leave until I see everything at least a million times! :)


Pepa Xavier said...

It sounds almost like silk and sequins mafia. Yeah if you're not there nothing runs the same it's so frustrating. We have like a colloquial expression for that, is more or less like this: (translation) Boss's out, party in the store.

Hope everything goes smoothly for now on!! You deserve it and so your Disco Pony gorgeous collection! =)



catflicks said...

oh no sounds like you've had such a nightmare (in the daytime too) :( hope you're feeling more calm about it now! And that jacket looks awesome, both of them :)

--Sanam-- said...

Wow, that definitely sounds like one hectic week. Do you still not have the real fabric for the jacket yet? & The blazer still looks awesome though, what a great design! :)


LOIS said...

wow sorry to hear you had to go through all of this stress :( I'd love a jacket (in it's original version, please ;) ) ! :D
Love Lois xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi darling ! I put your picture on my blog! Come and see:)
<3 <3 <3


Helena said...

That jacket....don't have words to say how much I love it! Looks amazing on you!!!

Jenny said...

THank you for the comment on my blog, it is GREAT for me to know someone who travels between london and Hk as well! and oh I LOVE the blazer.. would love to wear it to clubbing some time.. you do beautfiul snaps of your outfits as well, which I am very jealous of, as I do not have someone around me who helps making snapshots of me in different outfits.. anyway, I hope the problem is solved now and I am def following your blog now!

Jenny xx

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Sounds awful! The real version is really amazing and it has nothing to do with the one in the second picture.

I hope you won't have reasons to keep freaking out like this every day until the collection is properly set up... Good luck!

Enery said...

u have a beautiful blog, i follow u now,hope u follow me back.

Saraicg said...

Love your designs! New stalker, x S.