Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who Speaks Swedish Then?!

I'm in Sofis Mode!!! And what a gorgeous, colorful spread it is! :) Most excited... So if you are in Sweden right now, QUICK! RUN TO THE SHOPS AND GET IT (Sell out is imminent-;)!!! ;) I have to admit, it feels pretty awesome to be in the same magazine as Cameron Diaz... I mean, we go way back obviously, but for some reason the photos of us having intimate dinners and laughing over all our inside jokes just never got out!!! Weird!!!
I always find it interesting to see which pictures people chose to feature... it's always the ones I least expect! Pretty pleased to see Scoobs my beagle is the center of it all- my stinky little super star! -Not long until he is out here with us in Hong Kong! Yaaaay!
I had a really intense time doing this interview... the questions the amazing Annika asked me were really thought provoking, not the usual blogger questions... they had me thinking very hard about things all at once... something I generally tend to avoid, for my own sanity! Of course the entire interview has been cleverly whittled down to the basics... sparing all the gory details! I personally think its quite an art to be able to take a persons entire life and sort it out into a readable magazine edit! Annika, you are extraordinary! I am so so honored that I was asked to do this interview, as the magazine showcases bloggers who are doing something inspirational... Me, inspirational! Amazing! I feel very fortunate for the recognition! I know Disco, the Disco Pony is beyond excited! Galloping about in all his sequin glory! (Is it weird that I think of a women's fashion line as a male Disco Pony?!) Answer... yes, totally!
So, right now, I am so beyond jetlaged I couldn't tell you what planet I was on! I have been sleeping for the past ermmmm, let me think... I went to bed at about midnight, woke up at the usual 3am, stayed awake until about 6am, took some "knock me out please" pills and succeeded to sleep, missing an entire day of work, lunches and more work! It's now 6pm here! I am DETERMINED to be back on the horse/pony tomorrow! I have so so much to do, and no matter how much I dream about getting it all done, its still all there when I wake up!!!
How are the gorgeous ones doing?? Whats news?!
Love and love, I hope those of you who can speak the Swedish enjoy the article! Tell me what it says if you like!!! hehe!!! xx

And here is the translation for those of you who were curious! Thank you Annika for doing this! :)

Zoey: Giving up is not an option

HONG KONG/BARCELONA. The secret dream of her own fashion line came true - against all odds.  Fashion blogger Zoey Bittleston is no longer just a creative mångsysslare. (This translates badly as Jack Of All Trades) She's a full-time fashion designer.

Noone can accuse Zoey Bittleston of not having explored her options. During the past ten years, she's devoted herself to singing opera, studying art, writing a novel, filmmaking - anything to try and satisfy the constant creative buzz inside.

It took a trip to Hong Kong and a visit at the extensive fabric market in Sham Shui Po for the pieces to finally fall into place. Her love for art and unique, extraordinary textiles came together and became - a clothing collection.

- I had been drawing up all these designs back in Barcelona, and nurtured this somewhat secret dream of making my own small fashion company and selling my designs online, but I never believed it could happen. That requires funds and contacts, and I had neither! But when you find something you love doing, and you really want it to work, giving up is not an option.

No, surrendering has never been Zoey Bittleston's cup of tea. With the help of her blog, where her creativity and visions were rigorously documented, she put together a proposal that convinced investors to provide her with the start-up she needed.

After many, many months of hard work - and her fair share of setbacks - Zoey Bittleston's own fashion line Disco Pony is prepared to be launched. Sneak previews or the brightly colorful, sparkly, sequined pieces has already been noticed and celebrated by the blogging community, and soon we'll now the verdict of the oh so selective fashion world.

- I really am just about to jump into the deep end! What if it would all go wrong? I've put my all into Disco Pony, and the thought of it all falling flat is absolutely terrifying. But this is my dream and I have done everything in my power to make it come true - now all that's left to do is close my eyes, and leap!

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Ruthie said...

congratulations gorgeous!! wish i knew what it all said, but i can def appreciate the beautiful pics :) xxxx

Kotryna said...

Congrads! You deserved it!

Fashionthroughtravel said...

Congratulations, great photos! I really like the one with the pink dress and the one with your beautiful beagle!

KINGA said...

congrats!! xx,K.

Pepa Xavier said...

Hey there! L-O-V-E your spread!!! You look gorgeous, as always!! I wish I could read Swedish!

Much love,


Caroline Josephine said...

Omg that's so amazing! Haha, I love that your dog is in there too. Can't leave the little guy out! Too bad I can't read any of it D: Congrats babe!

la tiquismiquis said...

wow sweetie! thats awesome! congrats!!!! :)

la tiquismiquis

Heaven is a Cupcake said...

Thats awesome! Well done Zoey x

Lino said...

well done chick! x

Pepa Xavier said...

That's awesome. I already adore your Disco Pony collection, can't wait to see the next designs!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats! :)

AMINTA said...

Woow how amazing it is!! You and Annika have an amazing writing skills.... love this. CONGRATS <3

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful!

Amanda said...

Hi! Im from Sweden:) you are so beautiful, love your style! Xoxo from Sweden:) Amanda

Taina Princess said...

Enjoy the fruit of your hard work! You are truly talented.