Monday, 8 August 2011

Flying By!

Wearing: Criss Cross Back Coral Dress: Asos, Suede Booties: Steve Madden
K, so I'm not flying anymore... But I was!!!

My ermmm, new backyard I guess!!! Lucky meee!
There has been tons of flying bunnies in the fashion blogosphere recently... I love flying pics... I think being able to fly sans vehicle, if not momentarily, is one of the most wonderful gifts the camera has given us... forever suspended in the air with a bouquet of heart shaped balloons! Happyness :) Obviously this is an ancient photo from this shoot... BUT, I've had to momentarily give into this hideous heat Hong Kong is drenching us all in... I DON'T WANT TO WEAR CLOTHES! It's actually so hot its quite disgusting! I've never been more ready to see the rain and a much, much, MUCH lower temperature- we could knock off about 20 degrees C and it would still be warm as pie! Last night we went out for dinner at around 8pm... before we had even walked up the steps out of our house to the street... I was practically drenched in sweat! It's relentless this Jungle heat... Blugh! I'm so over summer!!! Never, ever thought i'd say that!
I found a little beach island yesterday, just a short boat ride away from the main village... It's quite astonishing how beautiful it is out here... It doesn't seem real!
I'm very happy to be back in the city today... Despite my sporadic claims to be an old grandma who likes to be in peaceful surroundings at all times, I think I am actually a true City girl! Or at least I have adapted to being a fully fledged grandma whilst in a hustly-bustly city! I know I avoid Iphone snaps on this blog like the plage... but these little beachy pics I took on Sunday are rather delishus, I thought I'd share!
Hope your well... not suffering from outrageous heat, and if you are... I hope the driver didn't gun the engine on the mini bus so hard this morning up a mountain that the air con turned into heating and your momentary cool became an insufferable sweat fest- hmm? Anyone?!!!!! No? Good!!! ;) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


beth-indahouse said...

awesome style girl

prostokate said...

I've been away for a while, but when I finally got my chance to be at my laptop - the first thing after cheking my FB page was - to check what news do you have, sweet Zoey :)
Am very happy that your awsome sparkle dress "Natalie" has so many fans!!! Also must notice - these beautiful pics from your roof and beach are incredably beautiful!! Seems like it heaven:)

Look forward for a pretty new pictures from your new home.
Have a lovely day.

Natalie Suarez said...

i feel you about the weather! TOO HOT FOR CLOTHES. love u! miss u!!! XOOXOXOXOXO


Caroline Josephine said...

The heat is ridiculous here too. My eye lashes actually melted off today!

I hate flying in airplanes... but your method of flight right here looks perfect.

Kotryna said...

Heey, these pictures reminds me Miss Dior Cherrie parfum's advert!

Cara said...

Such awesome photos! Love that red dress...
Glad you found yourself a little Oasis...
xo Cara

Just Another Shopaholic said...

The heat here is bad too! But always try to still look chic.

Tonya said...

Youre so adorable!! I love the red dress, it's lovely!
Im glad it's not too hot where I live haha!

thereformedwanderer said...

lovely photos!

Ankita said...

INFINITELY more stylish than I in this humid heat!

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Looove the pics, and yes i loove flying pics! :D
I love the balloons, so cute ♥!
Wow @ your new backyard ;) LOL!!! Yeah, luuuucky you! Paradise, when you want to get
away for a moment. :)

No Right And Wrong said...

This is adorable!!

S x

Shasie said...

Great pictures girlie!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

Friend in Fashion said...

Love this, love you, love the blog!

Your new biggest fan!

Friend in Fashion

Anonymous said...

love the pics

Dominique B. said...

Love your blog! i just started following yOU!
The Niknok Style

Julianne Rae said...

I love the red dress from ASOS, they just have so many great things. Also the pictures you took for this are so cute. Very creative way to display your outfit, looks sorta like a perfume ad.