Sunday, 28 August 2011

Game Called Life

           Don't Youtube always pick THE SEXIEST CAPTIONS!?!! No... no they do not!

Yeah, yeah I know... WORST VIDEO EVER! However, I've been trying to put this darn song up for you guys for ever! I had a nice black and white version where you could actually see me playing, and I was wearing clothes AND MY HAT and ya know, being all songbird! BUT, after a million attempts at uploading it, it refused, and so I had to give in to photobooth recording and the fact that I don't have a beautiful shiny grand piano here in Hong Kong! (Last recording was at mums- where pianos and instruments are a plenty!)
I am wearing however, my new all time fave EVER 80's thrifted jumper, which totally reminds me of the Sonia Rykiel jumpers which I die for! Might have to make a retro Disco Pony jumper very soon!!!
Hope you guys like my wailing... This song is "Game Called Life" by the Leftover Cuties. It's the intro to one of my all time favorite (I say all time fave A LOT- but I mean it!) shows called The Big C... If you havent tuned into that, I highhhhly recommend you do! This isn't the entire version of the song... I have to wait until I have a grand piano and some good lighting to make that for y'all! Orrrr in fact a stage and band a la the real version! And a super cool dress to shimmy about in and look all 20's!

Song details: I used garage band to record this, and my macbook air. I just used the built in mic that it comes with, most surprised it didn't crack... every other song I try to sing using this technique seems to crack! Perhaps I have blown the speakers already! I usually record with a separate mic.
I used "Live performance" as a recording choice so it doesn't sound like I am in a stuffy room, however I turned off ambience and echo... incase you are interested!

Happy sunday bunnies, hope I get this song stuck in your lovely heads!!! ;) xx

p.s How could I forget... If you are liking the fact that now my blog looks more like a blog, and less like (I) a technically inept dorkball threw it together, well that's because THIS fine lady hacked into it from Sweden last night (permission granted of course) and made the magic happen, alll night long! It was a good Saturday night if you ask me! THANK YOU ANNIKA, you ROCK MY WORLD!


Natalie Suarez said...



Ankita said...

My little sister was just in my room and we were talking about music of course it ended up with me excitedly showing her your video!! Ahhhhhmazzzzing


Looking Glass said...

Beautiful voice you have there!

Found your blog recently via Annika's actually. Loving the Disco Pony pieces I've seen so far!! May have to get some down here in Aus!!

~ Clare x

AMINTA said...

Enjoyed watching it!! You are amazing honey!!

Samajo said...

wow your voice is amazing :D
Sarah x

According to Annika said...

Amanda and I listened to this a billion times in the surround speakers. Than Ronnie came home and we listened to it a billion more times.

We all agree that noone in this world has a more beautiful voice than you. And that you are the most gorgeous human being on the face of this planet.

Kalena said...

This is amazing!! You have the most beautiful voice! I love your blog to bits also :) xo

Carolina said...

OMG, you're amazing!!!!! please show us some more of your singing please! Just great :)

XO from Portugal!

Britt+Whit said...

ahh i love this! I hate when youtube gets all annoying but this video is still amazing!

love from San Francisco,

Ieva Jankauskaitė said...

Wow, wow, wow, it's just simply AMAZING!!!! Can't get this song and your beautiful voice out of my head! Everytime I visit your blog, the song starts in my head, haha:)

Caroline Josephine said...

How are you so so talented?!?!? Wow. I can't sing to save my life. Thank you so much for sharing that lovely lady!!!!

Ula said...

Oh my God! Your voice is amazing!

Elena said...

You are the perfect girl! I really admire you, and your voice is so beautiful!!! Please post more videos of you singing :)

Emily said...

Awe!! You're so good at singing! I love this song now. Only because I am obsessed with you.


Lizzie said...

Omg you have such an amazing voice! Must hear more :)


Cara said...

You are so talented, amazing voice, love this!!
xo Cara