Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Homepage Disco Pony Girl (Kathleen!)

I feel Kathleen should really be in the big picture! But Homepage is homepage, and we love Chictopia for all the kudos! Kathleen in her Disco Pony dress: 5th to the right! <3
Working it for Teen Vogue! <3

Check out HERE what Chictopian's thought of lovely Kathleen in "The Natalie" Disco Pony 
This should have all been uploaded with yesterdays post... but I was in desperate need of a few hours kip before my day began again, so here it is!!! The amazing Kathleen sporting her Disco Pony all over Inter-town!!! A couple of you thought my post yesterday was me... for sooommmme reason?! I'd just like to take this opportunity to establish that this is in fact not me, but a completely different human being! Not that I mind people thinking I am Kathleen in THE SLIGHTEST!!! However, it is rather odd when old readers cant actually recognize you! I don't suppose those of you who did think that would be reading this... oh another catch 22!!! Isn't she just lovely as pie though!
I'm majorly sad about the lack of my own prancing about this week... It's not that I havn't been working it... I have ;)! BUT, the hours of light here in Hong Kong are much, much shorter than in Europe. Barcelona was still light at 10pm, and perfect shoot time was about 8pm... here it's already dark by about 6/7ish... so by the time we get home from work, lights out... fashions done for! :( Most sad. I do have some interesting new finds I am eager to share however, but until I can lure Albert away from his desk a few hours early... waiting shall have to ensue some more!
I hope you are all lovely as ever... I'm going to try a little blog trick of asking you to reply with a * first, so I can see who reads things! Hmmm, if you skim it, then I guess I wont have a clue, but skimming is better than nothing! ;)


Caroline Josephine said...


I read lovely lady~ I always read :)

So jealous of all the ladies out and about in Disco Pony's best! I WILL get a Silver Surfer someday~ ;)

Fashionlass said...

Love reading your stuff. As I said before, never fails to make me smile... I do believe this is the third post in a row I've commented on, hahaha.
I LOVE the feathers behind Kathleen's ear...

Lizzie said...


I always read all of your very entertaining posts! haha

<3 you girly, and can't wait for the day that I can get my hands on some delicious disco pony piece :)