Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Sure Do Have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Disco Ponies!

Gold Sequin Dress: "The Natalie" Gold: Disco Pony
The stunning, stunning Kathleen of Inspirafashion wearing: "The Natalie" Dress in Gold: Disco Pony
Tell me your breath has not just been taken a way slightly- okay, a lot?! OH MHYYY GOSHHHNESS!!! The amazingly beautiful and oh so talented Kathleen of Inspirafashion just sent me her blog link... I am just so incredibly honored to have such beautiful, inspirational girls dazzling the Disco Pony!
This dress I have to say was begging to be worn by this girl! I think it reflects her inner sparkle (hmmm, sounds corny, but I assure you, this girl is a super star!)... I can't get over how beautiful she looks in it! The way she styled it was actually so refreshing for me, I am such a bad accessorizer- one of the reasons this sequin collection happened in fact, so I didn't have to do any accessorizing... but the black belt is perfection... makes it somehow more enticing don't you think?!! If a Ferrero Rocher was an outfit... it would be this! Mmmmmm Ferrero Rocherrrr!!! It's already nearly two in the morning HK time, so I have to round this up if I am ever going to get back to normal functioning! Buuuuut I needed to put this first Kathleen installment up before I could sleep! More to come! Woah, she's just so stunning! Thank you so much Kathleen! You are truly, very inspiring! I am such a happy designer seeing you wearing this so well :)
If you aren't already following Kathleen's beautiful blog, go... check it outttt! You will l<3ve!
Hope your all happy and well :)
 Night nighttt xx


Just Another Shopaholic said...

That dress is so beautiful and you look great!!

Reflect and Fancy said...

adorable sequins dress!!

would be a pleasure if you visit me too on my blog!

Kotryna said...


Fashionlass said...

Thank you sooooo much!
And I have to return the fact and say that your comment made MY day. Literally made me grin from ear to ear. :)
The hat was actually a fluke find at a store we have in my country called Winners, which is... Canada! Don't worry, it's not blindingly obvious at all. I removed all the Canadian flags that once made up my fence once we built a proper one, so it's now hard to tell... (I'm really joking... Sarcasm doesn't always come across on computers. I've learned that the hard way). ;)
P.S. Checked out some Disco Pony stuff and your sequined blazers are AMAAAAZING!!! Same with this dresss. They're pure retina-dazzling fabulousness.
Hope all is going well in your design endeavors!!


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

holy shit i want this dress. you won me over and now i'm following.

Diane said...

Beautiful!!!!! I love it!! <3


annette said...

just found your blog via Kathleen... i'm a fan now. this dress is the radness


Mademoiselle Trendy said...

stuning drees I love the glitter!.. and I like verymuch your blog

Shasie said...

Oh she looks fabulas in your clothes!!! I love that dress girl, great job!
Shasie of Live Life in Style