Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rock Pony!

Wearing: White Bias Cut Sleeveless Shirt with Black Sequin Collar, "The big Dipper": Disco Pony, Gold Sequin Bikini High Tops: Disco Pony (Coming next summer) Floppy Hat: Asos

The world looks like a different place today... Having been submerged in an ocean of stress and anxiety for the past week, I have finally got done what I needed to get done! My passport now has a dozen more stamps on it AND... I have a NEW TAILOR! She is wonderful! My life has been made so much better... I can breathe again! Phewwww!
It's a good thing I wondered into the lions den of starting up a business so naively! Had I of known the true extent of what I'd be facing on a daily basis, I would have run, run, ruuunnnnn a billion miles! Luckily something as small seeming as changing my tailor has made the world seem suddenly a lot more awesome!!!
I can't tell you how excited I am to see the new pieces of the collection in real life soon! I haven't had the entire update done as I am testing out this new tailor... I know she will be amazing... but it's always wise to practice a little caution in this business! Once I see her work... I am getting the rest done asaps!!!
I thought today was going to be one of the most exhausting days of my Disco Pony life so far... but in fact the most annoying thing that happened was being picked out of a million people to have my bags checked at security! I smiled a bit too much at the security dog... they must have thought I was smiling at him for not barking whilst I got away with carrying thousands of dollars worth of cocaine through or something!!! haha! No, instead it was just piles of Disco Pony designs and fabric samples!

These pics were from a VERY humid morning of unsuccessful shooting... I really like the silhouette though... I thought I'd share! :)
Hope you are all getting along just fine... no, much better than fine! May some of my relief of todays events be with you calming you!!!
Photography by Albert Dedeu


fashion suicides said...

I looove the pictures! Your husband is such a good photographer. I really like the contrast of the sequin bikini and the very light (silk?) shirt, it's beautiful! And you're goooorgeous, waw!


Helena said...

Beautiful photos! And the outfit is amazing!!!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Omg, that sequined bikini is a dream! Can’t wait for the summer collection now, haha. You look gorgeous Zoey!

♥, Jamie

Natalie Suarez said...

those are the hottest little shorts EVER! I need them! so amazing :)



Pepa Xavier said...

Those shorts are ridiculous amazing! All the good luck for your Disco Pony! It will be a huge success! =)

Fashionthroughtravel said...

I absolutely love those sequined shorts/bikini!!!

Shels415 said...

You look fab as always! And gotta hate those security checks!


Liana said...

those shorts are beyond awesome! lovely photos too...can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

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Caroline Josephine said...

Looks like a summer DREAMLAND! And you just fit in so well~~~~~~ I love the hat and everything just. Beautiful.

Don't stress too much! Try to relax a little bit, your baby will be so beautiful when it's finished :D

AMINTA said...

Zoey my dear Im so happy to hear you are feeling much better now... step by step you will find the way. I LOVE, love, looooove your sequin Bikini High top..... your DISCO PONY rocks....<3
Much love


thereformedwanderer said...

OMG i love your top!

Brett Robson said...

forget unsuccessful shooting..The pics look lovely!

ALICE MARGO † said...

I actually have some hotpants similar to yours that ive never worn. I love them, but just dont know how to wear them..So this has inspired me! Never thought of wearing them like this and it looks great. Thanks for sharing! x

the fashlight said...

i am in love with sequin shorts.