Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Clémence Poésy in Disco Pony?!

Amanda is wearing: Silver Sequined Blazer "The Silver Surfer" By Disco Pony- and many other awesome things such as those JC Litas! <3

Okayyy okayyy! It's not Miss Poésy, but in fact Miss Amanda! But whaaat, HELLO! How good does she look in the Disco Pony Silver Surfer? It's these kind of treats that make me feel proud, oh. so. proud of my Disco Pony baby! This girl is a born rock star, and she doesn't even know it! When Annika told me she had let her little sister keep the piece for a while, I was totally chuffed- for not only has it been out on a wild Brooklyn night with the super star stunner herself, but now it gets to look this good too! Thank you guys! You are so beyond beautiful... I feel like I designed this jacket to be worn exactly as Amanda is wearing it now! Perfect styling too I should add... I shall now sport mine with a pussybow blouse and some super skinny pants- topped off with a lita perhaps! mmmm! Oh I cannot wait for the time to come where I can actually do this and not pass out from heat stroke!!!
I am actually pretty excited this particular jacket will have been in Hong Kong, NYC, Stockholm and Spain! That Disco Pony, such a globe trotter!!!
Thank you for letting me post these pics Amanda! Woah, you are so gorgeous! Wouldn't you guys agree!? xx

Photography by Annika Markland


Natalie Leung said...

WOW her style is amaxing, that sequineed jacket is so beautiful!!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Annika's sister looks dazzling in Disco Pony!

♥, Jamie

thereformedwanderer said...

love the outfit babe! especially the sequened cardi!

Caroline Josephine said...

Must feel amazing to see your baby travel around the world!!! And looking so good on everyone!

According to Annika said...


<3 <3 <3


Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

@Annika! Hahahahha I know right! It's this new look
I'm trying out!!!

anguillian.paperdoll said...

Beautiful photos; I love the lighting, especially with the sequin blazer.

Anguillian Paperdoll

la mode, je vous aime said...

Niceee! I like it!!

see my blog too :) lamodejevousaime.blogspot.com