Monday, 31 October 2011

A Warm Welcome Back To Disco Pony!

Beautiful article by Silvia of Lasseiz Moi 
Considering Disco Pony is STILL yet to actually be launched, and smooshed and groomed into the Shiny Pony it longs to be... I am completely blown away by all the support you wonderful, amazing, inspiring people are giving it! It's so touching that you are enjoying my crackerjack attempts at showcasing the bits and pieces I can, what with being a one woman show and what-not!... What what...pip pip!
I am so truly excited to be getting to the point in the next couple of months where things are REALLY up and running... to give you a place to actually go and see it all! I'm excited too to be sharing with you my amazing new PR company. It's a wonderful feeling to know that I am not going to be trotting away into the sunset all on my lonesome for the rest of my Disco Pony adventure! That there is a wonderful visionary out there willing to get involved and take on Mr Pony himself with me fills me with hope and great bouts of RELIEF!!!
I have to admit, getting myself back to Hong Kong and up on the Pony to face the music has provided me with a fair share of the fear... If I had known quite how much work, time, sweat and energy making a business like this work on ones own involved... Well, I would totally have passed out at the mere thought basically! Complete denial of what it takes to set up a business is preferable when starting... "Just saying"!
Luckily I have a very supportive bunch of people willing me on, and you guys are certainly a huuuuge part of that! So, Thank you! Very much!
I arrived back in Hong Kong after a much needed respite in the UK about hmmmm, 10 hours ago! I managed to prize my eyes open for the last 7 hours of the flight (despite being transferred onto an almost empty one after a fully packed out first half- drooooooling at the empty row of seats beckoning me toward them!) When I finally arrived home some 28 hours after I started the journey Albert greeted me with a beautifully barbied up steak (mmmmmmmm), and pushed my jaws together to help me chew it up before I passed out... I even got in a few hours sleep before the alarm went off urging me to GET IN TO WORK!
So... Here I am! And here is a wonderful little article written by a very gorgeous Portugese reader Silvia of the blog Laissez Moi. If you don't happen to read Portugese, well it basically says I am amazing!!! HAHA I kid, I kid! She says many wonderful things of the Disco... my favorite part being her total understanding of the lack of accessories in the shoots! The kid totally gets it! Woo! I'm rather loving the Disco Balls in the middle of the collage! One day I shall have my very own Disco store decked out with 9-5 Disco, Sparkly Roller Skates to skate around on picking out your finds and bazillions of Disco Mirror Balls... EVERYWHERE! Hmmm... overkill perhaps?... we shall see!!!
Happy Monday lovely things! I'm back now... so all things Disco are back to normal!
Any enquiries or orders please don't hesitate to email me @ xx