Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Shall Open My Closet Unto Thee! Thrifty Thrifty... Coming Soooon!

A teeeny handful of some thrifty finds that will be available for you guys to buy RIGHT FROM MY CLOSET! OOO LALA GASP SHOCK HORROR- Oh the excitement!!! ;) I was thinking of creating looks by pairing up some exciting finds, and then selling the whole look...or not, but all for a bargainacious price- because what could be better than a bit of RE THRIFTING with half the effort of finding it and styling it already done for you?!!
I feel like I'm lucky enough to have found a convenient thrifty store, and do in fact completely love rummaging through the dusty old racks finding little gems... it's a great thrill in life! However, some people... (ahem, Dominique) are ALLERGIC to this sort of animalistic behavior and therefore, I ponder, what could be more convenient that seeing the look pre-made up (Or an idea of what you could do at least), and CLEAN!!?!! Amazing right?! Yes, I thought so!!!

So... I will gather up the majority of my non Disco Pony wardrobe and start putting looks together and getting them up onto "The Thrift Store" on here!
Disco Pony looks best teamed up with some vintage, so I guess it's a necessity really! What do you think?!

* Some pieces, like the shoes are not thrifted, however, they will be up there too... as they totally top off the look! Everything will be available in a small, and quite often gigantic oversized too... as like I have said here... you have to whip out a good belt and voila, that shirt is a dress and your good to go!

Photography by Albert Dedeu