Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Missing: McQ's! Practically perfect in every way- If found, please call... 555-DISCO

Found Here...

I say, it's not everyday a girl comes across a pair of leather so utterly butterly soft, n' studs so smooth n' skulls so er skully n' heels so perfectly not high not low n' price the same considering all things above/ aforementioned! SO WHY DO I NOT HAVE THESE LINED UP WITH ALL MY OTHER BATH TUB BEAUTIES I ASK?! That's a good question... one I can only answer with oh, moving countries but a mere 3 times in the past, what now? Who knows...not long... lots of boxes...anyway- what I'm trying to say is... I am finding getting "dressed" but a fleeting nostalgic memory these days... wondering how to walk in anything but my trusted hot pink Nike's. I've made it my new years (Chinese New Years- which started today actually, so I'm right on target here!) resoluuushe to actually start dressing again... the kind where you layer on something that ordinarily might be saved exclusively for curry and Californication night in attire, but which happens to look so cool you feel pretty pleased with your ability to be that warm and THAT FREEKIN VOGUE BABY. That's what I'm talking about! So I've spent a good few days wading through my wardrobe (my floor) and hanging my shit up and re-learning the art of dressing. Then I came across this particular photo and thought... those are the shoes that could get me out of this funk.. back into my old semi strutting ways, waltzing along the pavement (jungle- ( yet another reason for the recent procrasti-fashion slobbery- for snakes care not for fancy footwares and temple topper hats, but more for unsuspecting dogs and bare ankles)) head held high, not shamefully slumped toward the ground.

So, WHY you ask did this particular photo come up? Well... I'm in the middle of planning my wedding (ooooooooo I hear...I hear it!!!) and I suddenly realised mid omgwtf why does anyone do this to themselves- exactly where it might just HAVE to take place... and then... remembering I had actually done a photo shoot there way back when, in the old Barcelonian days (sigh) I quickly waded through my mental blog archive ("shouldn't have taken you long" I hear you say- seeing as I'm the worlds most absent blogger, and (dramatic pause) my weekly post count is actually in the minus right now!)  only to find the post this photo belongs too. Then, as you may have guessed came the puzzled look and out loud "What the hell happened to my McQueens?!!! WThaaa?!) Do you know?!
I hope this has been a thoroughly useful stream of random consciousness for you! May it enrich your evening and fulfill your wildest dreams! or not...whatever!
Night night! Happy New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! xx

By the way... if you hold your hand up to that photo... just below the shoulders... that's how long my hair is now! Yup! I tell you... it was a nifty move! A-BUBYE rats nest! Hello shiny quill!

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Her Persona said...

absolutely love ur shoes and the jacket


Kaitlin Mattingly said...

love this look.
the pinky color is fab
and that hat. so darling

xoxo katlin

Natalie Suarez said...



Hollee said...

Not gonna lie, I held my hand up to see what your hair would look like now. Oh girly you make me laugh I throughly enjoyed reading this post. You do make me smile. I hope you find the 'special ones'

Big love, Hollee


p.s. Is this the first I have heard of such a wedding?

Jaeger said...

Those are amazing shoes!



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