Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Disco DownUnder!

The B.E.Ayoutiful Jasmin Struttin her stuff in her White Crepe Silk Disco Pony Textured Collar "Big Dipper" (GHASP... and breathe!!!)

There is a story behind this particular piece of silk crepe glory... a story too long and pain staking (I just spellethed that "steaking" and am now hungry) to tell... alas, I made a vow to tell you most truths that go on in this mad old world of fashion and design- my up's and down's, in's and out's, round's n' rounds n' what have you... so I guess I will attempt to tell you the tale of said silk shirt... IF, you would like to hear it!
                                                                       . . .
There once was a beautiful girl named Jasmin who hailed from the divine lands of Australia, Oz, Downunder (ya catch ma drift!)... with skin like milky moca frappa cappa, lips like those you might spy in a "special doctors" office catalogue whilst browsing casually at your next erm... facial re-think... and many other fine ass things a girl might dream of having.
One morning, a letter came through my post box (pftt... ha...) not really... my inbox... how novel would that of been?! RIGHT! Jasmin... take note! ;)
Anyway... the girl needed some Disco in her life... (who doesn't?!) I of course was almost as into that idea as getting mail through the post box! - no, no, I kid, I kid... more even, muchoo more! So I got ON IT, quickady quick, micro chips style! Picking out the softest crepe silks EVER in the world... teaming them with some wicked funky texture silks for the piping and collars... and the dream was born.
Minor little problem... dreams sometimes go AWOL in a big way. Especially mine, most commonly when it comes to my tailor (now ex- how many break ups does a girl have to go through in this industry?!)
I don't think my eyes have been in that really wide, are you effing kidding me state quite so many times in my life than they have been in my Disco venture! (actually that's not that true- but for the sake of this story it totally is!)
My little crepe silk beauties came back but oh-so-delicious for their one on one checking session ... minus correct anatomy... THREE TIMES! Now I'm a pretty patient person (I like to think anyway)- I usually expect new designs to come out slightly wrong... that's normal... but when a girl painst(ooh theres that steak again mmm)akingly draws out the designs, along with fabric swatches and measurements etc... it's just silly...vexatious if you will when things are done backwards, inside out, upside down.... you know the score! WRONG basically.
But enough already... lets get back to the delightful Jasmin. Now, as you know (probably) all Disco Pony pieces are hand made individually to order, and take approx one week to create... so multiply that by three and add a poor patient princess to the equation. Long time right. Yup! After the third go I just kind of died a little inside and sent the girl her pieces! Her special, one of a kind- ever so slightly disfigured pieces! Rest assured people (I can hear you go errr, that's wuuurd) She will get them again, in all their real glory- I just couldn't make her wait any more! It's just mean! Plus, they really are so soft and flowy- I can forgive them their specialness, and so could she. So I love her. And that dear Ponies is the tale (or at least about 20% of it- any more would be telling you too much- and then I'd have to "erase" you! ha! 
But folks, doesn't she look so stunning! I want to see more MORE, always MORE!!! :) xx